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Axes? The idea of hacking away with an Axe may not strike some as a fine woodworking skill, but Axes are incredibly efficient tools to have in a workshop as well as outdoors. Wood axes come in many shapes & sizes to handle a variety of building & woodworking tasks. From hewing logs to shaping lumber we offer the world's best axes which are sure to please indoors and out. Please remember it is important to maintain axes properly. A dull, poorly shaped axe can be a real danger to use so learn how to care for and how to sharpen an axe before you strike the first blow.

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Axe Brands & Types
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Gransfors Bruks Double Bit Felling Axe 125836
Gransfors Bruks Double Bit Felling Axe
Price: Due to extremely limited availability, we are not taking orders or backorders at this time.
Japanese Ono Forest Axe 125755
Japanese Ono Forest Axe
Price: $159.99
Firestone Belt Axe 125701
Firestone Belt Axe
Price: $149.99
Gransfors Bruk Carving Hatchet - Small 125880
Gransfors Bruks Carving Hatchet
Price: Starting at $145.00
Council Velvicut 2lb Premium Hudson Bay Axe 129585
Council Velvicut 2lb Premium Hudson Bay Axe
Price: $129.99
Sale Price: $103.99
on sale
Biber Classic Hatchet
Biber Classic Hatchet
Price: $100.00
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Highland Woodworking's Axe Sharpening Guide:

How to Sharpen An Axe
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