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Barr Specialty Tools

Barr Quarton's hand made, hand forged tools have earned an outstanding reputation among demanding woodworkers. Barr tools are made to last through years of heavy work, whether you're a chairmaker, timber framer, woodworker, log house builder or sculptor.

Barr Forged Tools

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Barr Tools Hewing Adze 129685
Barr Tools Hewing Adze
Price: $192.00
Barr 3-1/2in Scarf Slick  129673
Barr 3-1/2" Scarf Slick
Price: $162.00
Barr 12in Drawknife  129651
Barr 12" Drawknife
Price: $160.00
Barr 2-1/2in Large Slick  129674
Barr 2-1/2" Large Slick
Price: $160.00
Barr Tools Hand Adze  129683
Barr Tools Hand Adze
Price: $155.00
Barr 9-1/2in Drawknife 129652
Barr 9-1/2" Drawknife
Price: $150.00
Barr 2-1/2in Small Slick  129672
Barr 2-1/2" Small Slick
Price: $148.00
Barr Tools Froe 129682
Barr Tools Froe
Price: $140.00
Barr 1
Barr 1" Framing Chisel
Price: $136.00
Barr 2
Barr 2" Framing Chisel
Price: $136.00
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