NINETEEN WAYS to help avoid injuring your fingers on a tablesaw
19. Use a bandsaw for ripping instead of a tablesaw
18. Use a tracksaw for ripping instead of a tablesaw
17. Use an automatic stock feeder whenever you rip on your tablesaw
16. Use a good push stick
15. Use a good featherboard
14. Use a Micro Jig GRR-Ripper
13. Never grasp the workpiece at a point beyond the blade
12. Stand clear of the path of a possible kickback
11. Avoid long sleeves, long hair or loose clothing near tools with rotating spindles
10. Use a blade splitter on your tablesaw
9. Use the saw's blade guard
8. Never use any power tool while under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drug
7. Avoid clutter around the tablesaw that might cause you to lose your balance
6. Eliminate all distractions
5. Concentrate only on the task at hand
4. Don't be in a rush
3. Don't work while tired
2. Be extremely careful at all times while in the workshop
1. In case all these precautions have failed, make the blade
   STOP AND DISAPPEAR the instant your skin touches it*

*Owning a SawStop will make this possible.



In the U.S. a tablesaw accident
happens every 9 minutes!
Don't wait any longer:

Watch our 9-minute SawStop Product Tour

(but I wish I'd gotten it sooner)"

Go to our SawStop page
More Superb Tools for Your Woodworking Shop
Wood Slicer Resawing Blades

Wood Slicer Resawing Blade I just received my order and I want to kick myself for not ordering sooner. I have seen your ads about your Wood Slicer band saw blades for several years but always bought local until I finally got tired of breaking blades and smoking cuts.

I installed the 1/2 inch Wood Slicer on my band saw earlier today and fell in love with my saw again. I can now "slice" through my wood like a knife through gravy. I will tell all my woodworking friends to use your blades.
— Thanks, Mike L., Forest VA
Rikon 10" Benchtop Bandsaw

We've sold well over a thousand of this exceptional value from Rikon making it our all-time best-selling bandsaw ever. That's because it has proven itself as a solid performer that's also very affordable. After we installed one of our Wood Slicer resawing blades on our demo model, we were able to resaw uniform slices 1/64" thick off the length of a 4x4. We highly recommend it as your first bandsaw bought on a budget, or as a second bandsaw that lets you avoid having to constantly swap blades.

Rikon 14" Deluxe Bandsaw

The Rikon 14" Deluxe Bandsaw is a great choice for all kinds of woodworkers. Furnituremakers will like the large 13" resawing capacity and cutting accuracy. Woodturners will like the stability of the large table when roughing bowl blanks. Includes 1-1/2 HP 115/230 volt motor, sturdy steel frame, double bearing blade guides, and tilting large cast iron table with a heavy rip fence and resawing pivot guide.

Tormek T-8
Sharpening System

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Leigh Joinery Jigs

Leigh Joinery Jigs

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Extremely Affordable
Quick Action
Bar Clamps

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Benchcrafted vises
Benchcrafted Workbench Vises

More info:

Lenox Tri-Master Carbide-Tipped Bandsaw Blade

Lenox Tri-Master Carbide-Tipped Bandsaw Blades

Long Lasting
Woodturner's Bandsaw Blade

Bandsaw Blade

Made especially for cutting bowl blanks in green wood

Special Offers,
Recent Additions
and Clearance Items


Carter Accuright Log Mill
Carter Accuright
Bandsaw Log Mill

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Workbench Sale

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