A return to cabinet shops of old

Blue Spruce Toolworks designs, manufactures and sells only the finest quality hand tools for the discriminating woodworker. Blue Spruce tools are a return to the cabinet shops of old where beautiful works were created by craftsmen working quietly and skillfully with hand tools at a sturdy bench, with natural light streaming in through multi-pane windows. Every cut, every curve was carefully shaped by hand using keenly sharpened tools. Those tools beautifully combined form with function and were a joy to use. When completed, the master craftsman would hand sign his work knowing that he had given a part of himself to create it; knowing that his work would be used and enjoyed for generations.

Blue Spruce Toolworks Large Scratch Awl Blue Spruce Toolworks Large Scratch Awl

Scratch awls are used for scribing lines into end grain and tracing curves, as well as marking other general layout lines. They're also useful for creating starter holes for small screws.

This exquisitely-made Blue Spruce Toolworks Scratch Awl features a Curly Maple handle and a hardened high-carbon point that is 3/16" in diameter at the large section and begins tapering to the point after about 3 inches. Overall length is 7 inches.

Blue Spruce Toolworks Set of 4 Dovetail Chisels Blue Spruce Toolworks Set of 4 Dovetail Chisels

This exceptionally well-crafted set of chisels is designed specifically for fine paring and fitting of joinery such as dovetail joints, miter joints and mortise & tenon joints. The thin blades are relieved on the sides to only a few thousandths of an inch thick and feature a concave profile, which will allow you to pare into the sharpest corners of a joint while still allowing maximum visibility.

Blue Spruce Toolworks 1 lb. Round Mallet Blue Spruce Toolworks 1 lb. Round Mallet

This exquisite Blue Spruce 16 oz. round mallet features a highly-figured maple head with an attractive African Blackwood handle. The maple head is infused with acrylic polymer resin for extra durability. This tool is ideal for use in fine joinery and carving.

Blue Spruce Toolworks 16oz Rectangular Joiner's Mallet Blue Spruce Toolworks 16oz Rectangular Joiner's Mallet

This fine 16 oz Joiner's Mallet is ideal for use while chopping dovetails or driving smaller mortise chisels, as well as for other chopping needs.

The Curly Maple head has been infused with acrylic resin which adds both mass and durability. The added mass allows the head to be smaller than an ordinary wooden mallet of similar weight, thus allowing better visibility and control.

Blue Spruce Toolworks Knives Blue Spruce Toolworks Knives

These beautiful Blue Spruce knives are based on the original Sloyd knife design. Their blades are finely machined and ground from 1095 high carbon steel, and then coated with Cerekote™ for added corrosion resistance and durability. Their straight blades are easy to hone and keep sharp.

Purchase either knife individually, or buy the Deluxe Set which includes both knives plus a fine leather sheath (with belt clip for easy carrying) that will fit either knife.


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