What's in your Zombie Apocalypse tool kit?

Zombie Apocalypse Tool Kit

The CDC issued guidelines to follow in case of a Zombie Apocalypse. You may think we are making this up, so here is the actual CDC link .

What the CDC has left out though, are defensive tools to protect yourself during a zombie attack. Generally woodworkers are particularly well-equipped to protect themselves with devices that are already found in nearly every woodworking shop.

Here are the defensive tools you should know about:

**UPDATE** : We've had quite a response to this article! And we are truly glad to hear that so many of you have zombie apocalypse plans already in place. Read just a few of our favorite comments to the blog post below, and then go add your own!

"I have 6 lathes in the back shop, where I am late at night. Never turned a Zombie before, might take a special jig. But I can practice on 6 at a time." -- Jerry Rhoads

"I have heard that more accidents happen with a box cutter than any other tool. A box cutter or a chisel could be a good defensive tool." -- Mike Collinsworth

"Why are zombies always depicted as having bad teeth and dirty fingernails? Please include a toothbrush, toothpaste, and nail clipper in your kit." -- Tom

"I suggest extra table saw blades. You could whiz them like Frisbees thus decapitating the zombies." -- Bill Akins

"I say just make Phil Colson stand in front of your shop and the Zombies wouldn’t even show up." -- Woodturner Jack

"A good raking light off a highy sheened French polished table top will blind them. Old bandsaw blades wired together will make great concertina wire to entangle them. Then turn the table saw around and finish them off will a furious volley of kicked back boards. Never mess with a man’s workshop. That's good advice even for the undead." -- Dennis


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