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Traditional chair making with hand tools is wonderfully rewarding woodworking. We have hosted many master chairmakers over the decades, teaching woodworkers how to build chairs and the importance of using the right tools. With so much elbow grease and valuable material in play you want to be sure to work efficiently. Whether your sculpting a seat blank or drilling mortises, trial and error is not the easy way to build a chair. Work with quality chairmaker's tools designed specifically for the job, you can be sure it will elevate your chair making experience and help you create the perfect heirloom.
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Bit Brace 171822
Bit Brace
Price: $19.99
Barr Tools Hewing Adze 129685
Barr Tools Hewing Adze
Price: $202.00
Gransfors Bruks Froe 125833
Gransfors Bruks Froe
Price: $176.00
Barr Tools Hand Adze  129683
Barr Tools Hand Adze
Price: $163.00
Barr Tools Froe 129682
Barr Tools Froe
Price: $147.00
Ox Head Gutter Adze Head
Ox Head Gutter Adze
Price: $139.99
Barr Chairmaker's Drawknife 129658
Barr Chairmaker's Drawknife
Price: Starting at $137.00
Biber Classic Froe
Biber Classic Froe
Price: $130.00
Travisher 471144
Price: $119.99
Compass Plane 471141
Compass Plane
Price: $109.99
Mueller Gutter Adze
Mueller Gutter Adze
Price: Starting at $80.00
Mueller Straight Adze
Mueller Straight Adze
Price: $80.00
Narex Gutter Adze 147108
Narex Gutter Adze
Price: $79.99
Hirsch Scorp - 3 inch
Hirsch Scorp - 3 inch
Price: $79.99
Lie-Nielsen Froe
Lie-Nielsen Froe
Price: Starting at $75.00
Bark Spud 129634
Bark Spud
Price: $69.99
Narex Hand Adze 147111
Narex Hand Adze
Price: $69.99
Shingle Froe 129633
Shingle Froe
Price: $59.99
Vaughan Broad Hatchet 129501
Vaughan Broad Hatchet
Price: $35.99
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