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Dewaxed Shellac - 1 lb.

Dewaxed Shellac - 1 lb.

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Dewaxed Shellac, 1 lb.

Shellac's great clarity, depth and shine make it one of the most beautiful finishes in woodworking. The best way to stock the finish is in its dry state, where shelf life can be virtually unlimited. All the highly refined shellacs we carry are dewaxed, the professional's choice for fine finishes beneath other finishes. Mix your shellac with solvent alcohol & stir frequently until dissolved.

Garnet Shellac is a deep ruby/orange color, great for an antique look on cherry, mahogany and walnut. Orange shellac's amber tone complements any wood with natural reds, and warms blonde woods like old varnish. Beige is a bit darker than Super Blonde, but lighter than orange. Super Blonde is very pale amber, barely enough to show on light wood.

Platina is a few shades lighter than Super Blonde. Luthiers use it most of the time for guitar bodies made of Spruce. This variety adds very little color to the wood and hence gives the clearest finish of all. Since it is more refined than Super Blonde, its water resistivity is better, too. A few coats of Platina over any other shellac variety is a good idea due to this characteristic.

Instructions on How To Mix Shellac

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