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Foredom Angle Grinder Attachment

Foredom Angle Grinder Attachment

Price : Starting at $119.99

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Angle Grinder Attachment Option:

Detailed Description

Foredom Angle Grinder Attachment

Foredom's Angle Grinder attachment adds a whole new dimension to your Foredom flex shaft rotary tool. It allows you to use 2 inch (and smaller) sanding and grinding discs at a 90 degree angle to the handpiece. Foredom offers more than 100 discs and wheels for sanding or grinding a wide range of materials – wood, metal, ceramics, etc.

The Angle Grinder Attachment mounts to the Foredom 30 Geared Chuck Handpiece. If you don’t have a 30 Handpiece already, it is also offered with the 30 handpiece or the 30H handpiece. See the chart below for fitting details.

AK69110Basic Angle Grinder Attachment KitForedom 30, 30H & 30SJ Handpieces
AK69130Angle Grinder Attachment Kit with 30 HandpieceMost Foredom Flex Shaft Machines (including S, SR, TX & LX models)
AK69130HAngle Grinder Attachment Kit with 30H HandpieceForedom Heavy Duty Flex Shaft Machines (including SRH, TXH & LXH models)

The Angle Grinder attachment works best between in 10,000 and 15,000 RPM, but can be operated at up to 18,000 RPM for short times. It should be used in Forward Rotation ONLY.

Foredom Angle Grinder Attachment includes:

  • Flap Wheel - 120 grit
  • Sanding Screen - 120 grit
  • Disc Holder Protector Pad
  • Imperial Microfinishing Film PSA Disc - 600 grit
  • Imperial Microfinishing Film PSA Disc - 400 grit
  • Imperial Microfinishing Film PSA Disc - 320 grit
  • Aluminum Oxide PSA Sanding Disc - 60 grit
  • Ceramic Purple PSA Sanding Disc - 80 grit
  • Disc Mandrel
  • PSA Velcro Disc – pack of 5
  • Drive Pin
  • Face Spanner Wrench
  • Open-End Wrench
  • Hex Wrench, 3mm
  • Long Hub, 8mm high, 14mm long mounting screw
  • Screw-Lok Disc Mandrel
  • Screw-Lok Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper Disc with holes - 120 grit
  • Screw-Lok Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper Disc with holes - 40 grit
  • Screw-Lok Non-woven Abrasive Pad, 80 grit - New

One-Year Limited Warranty.

Notice to residents of California: Click here to view Proposition 65 warning

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