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Grandpas Workshop by Maurice Pommier

Grandpas Workshop by Maurice Pommier
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Grandpa's Workshop by Maurice Pommier

This is absolutely the most engaging children's book that we've seen about woodworking. It will be a source of inspiration and entertainment for both kids and adults, and is the perfect medium for capturing the imagination of a child you would like to introduce to woodworking.

Lost Art Press has secured the rights to publish a limited quantity of an English edition of this outstanding 48-page book, which was first published in France in 2007. It was translated last year by Brian Anderson, an American-born writer and woodworker who lives and works in France. While it was created for children, the stories, lessons and drawing style will appeal to anyone who has an appreciation for the natural and the fantastical.

The author tells the story of generations of craftsmen in a French family, tracing the history of their lives and their work through their tools and the stories of them being handed down from one worker to the next, all in the context of colonization, the gold rush, World War I and the time when Dragomir the dragon wreaked havoc in the Black Forest.

The tale is told through the eyes of Sylvain, the youngest of the woodworkers in the family, as he spends his vacation in the shop of his grandfather, who he calls Pépère. Sylvain wants to learn all about the hand tools in Pépère's shop and the elves who hide amongst the shavings, benches and tool chests there.

"Grandpa's Workshop" is a magnificent tale filled with hundreds of beautiful illustrations and a story that will forever be remembered. It's this year's perfect gift for your child, grandchild or any other young person whose creativity you would like to inspire. Click "View More Images" (below the cover image above) to see examples of the illustrations.

CLICK HERE to read Terry Chapman's book review of Grandpa's Workshop.

ISBN 978-0-9850777-2-3

48 Pages

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