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Hands - Traditional Irish Crafts - Set of 14 DVDs

Hands - Traditional Irish Crafts - Set of 14 DVDs
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CLICK HERE to read Terry Chapman's blog review of "Hands."

Hands - Traditional Irish Crafts - Set of 14 DVDs

Please Note: We have only a very limited supply of the DVD sets available

We are pleased to offer this delightful series of beautifully produced, fascinating documentaries on Traditional Irish Crafts and Lifestyles, where the emphasis is on the skill of human hands rather than on machines.

There are 34 half-hour programs and 3 one-hour programs produced by David & Sally Shaw-Smith:


There are nine films under the heading "textiles"; covering some of the finest craftspeople and their work. In this diverse genre, we see how varied and beautiful traditional Irish textiles are. We meet the people, learn the history and most importantly get an intimate introduction to a number of Ireland's finest textile artists and their crafts.

Wool Spinning
Donegal Weavers
Donegal Carpets
English Silk
The Tailor
Dublin Woolen Mill


There are nine films under the heading "wood" demonstrating the range and skill of traditional woodcraft as practiced in Ireland. From Breens Carriage Works, who make magnificent horse traps, to the construction of the traditional Shannon One Design lake and river sailingboat, we realise the importance and impact traditional wood workers had in Ireland.

Cavan Cooper
Cavan Cabinetmakers
The Leitrim Chair
Hurl Making
Harp Making
Dublin's Viking Longship
Carriage Building
Spinning Wheel Making
Shannon One Design

Ceramics, Metal and Stone

The films in this section cover three important traditional materials as used by Irish craftspeople. Under "ceramics", we encounter Belleek's worldfamous, beautiful ceramic ware and the workings of Ireland's oldest pottery at Carley's Bridge. "A Dublin Silvesmith" covers one of Ireland's most collected and respected crafts, whilst "Powers of the Metal" features more practical but no less skillful metalwork. "Stone" focuses on possibly Ireland's oldest and most evident craft.

Clay Pipeworks
Carley's Bridge Potteries
Melleek Potteries
Dublin Silversmith
Powers of the Metal
Lighthouse Crafts


The five films under the heading "leather" show how animal hide has been traditionally used in Ireland. They document the diversity of uses this material has been crafted for; from binding beautiful books to covering the elegant traditional skin boats called "curraghs".

The Saddler
Shoe Making
Dublin's Workhorses
Dublin Bookbinder

Willow, Rush and Straw

Willow, rush & straw are traditionally some of Ireland's most popular organic materials. "Rushwork" and "Basketmaking" both employ weaving as their construction methods; both films demonstrate these wonderful crafts. In "Wexford thatcher" we see the craft behind Ireland's iconic thatched cottage.

Wexford Thatcher


The final five films in the "Hands" series under "miscellaneous" feature subjects which cannot be simply categorized under one material heading. We see a range of crafts, processes and skills as practiced by individuals; who, through necessity and creative drive produce unique items using traditional methods.

Dublin Candlemaker
Of Bees & Bee Skeps
Fermanagh Country
Lighthouse Crafts

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