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Lamp Auger Bit

Lamp Auger Bit
Lamp Auger BitLamp Auger Bit
Lamp Auger Bit

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Lamp Auger Bit

Note:These lamp augers have been discontinued by the manufacturer. The 5/16" size is already sold out.

A Lamp Auger (or shell auger) is a long thin auger bit with a handle that is used for manual drilling on the lathe. The classic use for this auger is boring holes in turned lamp columns, but any spindle that needs a centered longitudinal hole is fair game. Assuming your lathe has a hollow tailstock (or headstock) and you're holding the workpiece with a hollow center, you simply insert the auger and gradually bore a hole to the depth you need - pulling back often to evacuate the chips. The cutting edge is designed specifically for working in end grain, and is easily re-sharpenened. Auger length is 27-3/4" (~70 cm).

Important Notes:

  • You must have a hollow headstock or tailstock of sufficient diameter to drill.
    • Many lathes have a hollow tailstock. If you use a knockout bar to remove your tailstock center, you're probably OK.
    • Check the diameter of the hollow bore. Most turners will need the 5/16" lamp auger. Very few lathes will accept 3/8".

  • You will need a hollow center of the correct diameter for the bit to go through.

  • These lamp augers only cut when presented to wood that's turning counter-clockwise.
    • Drilling through the headstock of a lathe requires a reversible motor.
    • Drilling through the tailstock does not require a reversible motor.

Additional Information

Use and Care of the Lamp Standard Shell Auger PDF.

Use and Care of the Lamp Standard Shell Auger

Unlike regular auger bits which have a screw nose which pulls itself through the wood, Lamp Standard Shell Augers have a lip and flat cutting face to ensure that they cut straight and true. As a result it has to be pushed into the wood by the turner. The curve of the lip ensures that the auger runs centrally and is unaffected by either the grain or texture of the wood being turned. The leading edge of the shell serves to start the hole and is relieved on the outside to prevent binding. The form of the nose then allows the Augur to cut into the wood under steady pressure.

Great care should be taken when using a Lamp Standard Shell Auger. It is particularly important to avoid running the Auger through the wood and into the drive centre. You should avoid potential damage to the nose by preventing contact between the Auger and the long hole boring attachment in the tailstock.

You should frequently withdraw the Auger and remove waste wood. Failure to do so will lead to a build-up of wood in the hole which prevents the Auger from cutting and causes the wood to burn. This may in turn lead to drawing the temper in the nose of the Auger thereby causing permanent damage.

Sharpening of the Auger should be carried out with a degree of care to avoid removing too much metal from the nose. You only have a small amount of material to work with. Therefore you should never sharpen your Auger on a bench grinder.

With the Auger held vertically, use a flat diamond hone on the bevel of the nose. A few strokes should suffice. For the inside of the flute use a suitable slip stone or diamond hone. When sharpening move the slipstone to the left so that the leading edge is honed. Do not try to sharpen the outside of the Augur as clearance may be lost causing the Auger to bind in your wood.

Instructions courtesy of Robert Sorby Ltd.

Notice to residents of California: Click here to view Proposition 65 warning

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