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Lenox Tri-Master Carbide-Tipped 3/4 inch Bandsaw Blade

Lenox Tri-Master Carbide-Tipped 3/4 inch Bandsaw Blade
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Detailed Description

Lenox Tri-Master Carbide-Tipped 3/4 inch Bandsaw Blade

If your shops bandsaw work is so demanding that your bandsaw blades become dull too quickly, our Lenox Tri-Master Carbide Tipped bandsaw blade may be your solution. Carbide tipped bandsaw blades are the cat with 9 lives amongst band saw blades. The long-wearing hardness of carbide teeth out performs bi-metal and carbon steel blades and will keep on cutting long after ordinary blades have lived their useful life. Mark Duginske, author of the Complete Guide to the Band Saw, reports that carbide band saw blades can outlive standard blades by nearly a factor of 100. Of course, this performance does come with a higher cost, but there may be times where certain cutting jobs go much easier and predictably when using a carbide tipped blade versus standard band saw blades. Exotics and other species that are abrasive and overly hard & tough are perfect for processing with a Tri-Master carbide-tipped blade. Additionally if you cut a lot of plywood and MDF and find your standard blades dont hold up, consider using a Tri-Master blade.

Tri-Master blades provide excellent performance for resawing wood, with the precision triple chip grind teeth helping to reduce annoying blade lead. Cuts tend to stay close to perfectly plumb and have less bowing when resawing wide planks. The tradeoff of a slightly wider kerf with a carbide tipped blade is often more than offset by the more precise cut and predictable tracking which can reduce the stock allowance required for finish planning.

Lenox carbide bandsaw blades offer extaordinary wear resistance which allows for an exceptionally long cutting life. These Lenox carbide bandsaw blades also feature a new high-performance backing steel that provides excellent fatigue life, further adding to the life of the blade. While the sharpness of the carbide teeth will outlast ordinary blades when cutting any kind of wood, the Lenox Tri-Master blade really shines when you need to bandsaw abrasive tropical hardwoods.


  • Width: 3/4"
  • Thickness: .035"
  • Kerf: .0625" (1/16")
  • Teeth: 3tpi

In addition to cutting wood, the Tri-Master Blade can also cut the following materials (assuming you have a bandsaw equipped to cut them.)

  • Aluminum/Non-Ferrous
  • Mold Steels
  • Carbon Steels
  • Tool Steels
  • Alloy Steels
  • Bearing Steels
  • Titanium Alloys
  • Stainless Steels
  • Nickel-Based Alloys

To learn more, read Jeffrey Fleisher's Tool Review of the Lenox Tri-Master Carbide-Tipped Bandsaw Blades.

Notice to residents of California: Please read our Proposition 65 warning.

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