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Lie-Nielsen Tapered Saws

Lie-Nielsen Tapered Saws

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Lie-Nielsen Tapered Saws

Lie-Nielsen's Tapered Saws combine all of the best features they've developed in their other saws over the years. They use thin plates for fast, precise cuts with less effort. The tapered blade helps eliminate the frustration of cutting through your depth line on the back of the workpiece. When you reach the depth line on the front of your workpiece the tip of the saw should be above the line on the back.

Lie-Nielsen uses only the best materials and manufactures every part of their saws in-house. The polished Swedish steel blade is cut, set and mounted in a solid brass milled back. The completed blade is fitted with a beautiful curly maple handle. Finally, each saw is filed by hand and tested. All of this happens in one room at the Lie-Nielsen factory. You can see some pictures here.

Dovetail Saw

The Dovetail Saw is based on a British saw made in 1930. Dovetailing is primarily a ripping operation, so Lie-Nielsen files the teeth of this saw in a rip configuration with 15 points per inch. This setup balances speed and cut quality.

Carcass Saw

The Carcass Saw has 14 points per inch - filed for crosscut. It is used for cutting tenon shoulders and other crosscut operations. This is a good complement to the Dovetail Saw.

Tenon Saw

The Tenon Saw is based on a Henry Disston saw from the early 1900's. Like the Dovetail saw, it is configured for precise rip cuts. However, it has a wider blade and slightly coarser teeth so it can handle the deeper cuts required for tenons. The teeth are filed for a rip cut with 11 points per inch.

Saw Tooth PPI Set Plate
OAL Cut Depth
Heel Toe
Dovetail Rip 15 .003" .015" 10" 15" 1-5/8" 1-3/8"
Carcass Crosscut 14 .003" .015" 14" 19" 2-1/4" 2"
Tenon Rip 11 .004" .020" 16" 21-1/4" 3-3/8" 3"

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