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Lie-Nielsen Low Angle Rodmaker's Block Plane

Lie-Nielsen Low Angle Rodmaker's Block Plane
Highland Item # 434260

Price : $200.00
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Detailed Description

Lie-Nielsen Low Angle Rodmaker's Block Plane

When you've rounded up your supply of Tonkin cane, tools, hardware and forms, you'll need one more specialized tool to make your championship fly rod. Made expressly for rodmakers, this is Lie-Nielsen's low-angle adjustable mouth block plane with a 1" wide groove milled just .003" deep along the sole. With the iron set to cut one or two thousandths deep within the groove, the edges of the sole ride along the jig that holds your cane, without allowing the iron to contact the form. Thus you can virtually automate the very precise business of chamfering and dimensioning the cane, with never a concern about damage to the iron. The body is unbreakable ductile iron, and the lever cap is polished bronze. Consider Lie-Nielsen's optional leather holster to protect your plane.

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