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Masterpiece Wood Finish 3-part oil/wax finishing system

Masterpiece Wood Finish 3-part oil/wax finishing system
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Masterpiece Wood Finish
3-part oil/wax finishing system

Masterpiece Wood Finish is an oil/wax system designed to enhance the beauty of wood for interior furniture. This system takes the guesswork out of selecting a great finish for the projects that you've invested many hours of work in.

All individual components are also available in single units.

Each step in the finishing process creates compatibility for the next step.

The BASECOAT is made with special oils that penetrate to seal the wood and enhance its color and grain.

The MIDCOAT is a select blend of oils and waxes that continue to feed and build within the woods pores, protecting the wood and creating an affinity for the final topcoat of wax.

The TOPCOAT special paste wax provides additional sheen and luster to the finish.

The Masterpiece Wood Finishing system offers these advantages:

  • Low odor/low VOC
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to repair
  • Each step is chemically compatible
  • Environmentally responsible (Project sized containers that lessen the chance of having half-empty containers of finish that spoil and end up in landfills).
  • When applied according to the directions, typical coverage is about 45 sq.ft.

To develop Masterpiece Wood Finish, chairmaker Charles Brock collaborated with Curt Jarrell, a woodworker and chemist who operates a highly respected coatings company. Together they produced a foolproof oil/wax finishing system that gives great results on any interior woodworking project (except table tops or other surfaces where water or other liquids might be used).

This system is easy to apply and you can be confident in the results. Because of its extremely low VOC characteristics (142 g/L), you won't be bothered by a lot of heavy fumes.

The system also allows you to easily repair any wear and tear marks that you may get over time. Usually just start by touching up with the MIDCOAT before the TOPCOAT.

This is a finishing system that either a pro or a beginner can use right away to achieve consistent results.

Kit Contents
  • Base Coat 7.1oz (210ml)
  • Mid Coat 7.1oz (210ml)
  • Top Coat 1.8oz (55ml)
  • Instructions

Application Instructions:
    #1 BASECOAT Application
  • Wipe on a liberal coating of BASECOAT (using a cloth or lint-free paper towel) on a prepared wood surface. (See Cautions and Notes below.) After it sits for 20 to 30 minutes, wipe off the excess.
  • When dry to the touch (usually 24 hours or more), rub with the white ScotchbriteTM pad (0000) to just smooth the surface.
  • Apply a second coat following the directions above. You may choose to apply as many as three total coats.
    #2 MIDCOAT Application
  • Wipe a liberal coating of MIDCOAT (using a cloth or lint-free paper towel) on the woods surface prepared by a minimum of two dry coats of the BASECOAT.
  • In 20 to 30 minutes, wipe off all the excess.
  • If you choose, you may rub hard with a rag to provide heat from surface friction. The results should be faster drying and some luster.
  • When the first coat is dry to your touch (usually 24 hours or more), check for surface smoothness. If it is not smooth, rub with the white ScothbriteTM (0000) pad.
  • Apply a second coat following the above instructions.
  • You may apply as many as three total coats of MIDCOAT.
  • You may elect to stop with the MIDCOAT if you have achieved your desired results.
    #3 TOPCOAT Application
  • Wipe a very thin coat on the woods surface using a thick paper towel (Scotts Industrial Paper Towels/ blue/ works very well). The thin coat will dry faster.
  • When the coat is absolutely dry to the touch, buff the haze off the surface with any good buffing material such as a rag or a power buffer with a felt pad. As you buff, be sure to change to a fresh cloth face or clean pad often.
  • If your efforts are moving the wax around on the surface, it isnt dry or you have too much wax on your buffing pad. If you need to remove some gummy wax, you can easily do that with a little MIDCOAT. Wipe on some MIDCOAT and wipe it back off to remove excess wax. Wait for it to dry completely, and then reapply #3 TOPCOAT.
  • Continue applying thin coats of wax and buffing until you have achieved the luster level you desire.

CAUTIONS and NOTES – Do Not Use without Reading and Understanding:
  • Not for use on tabletops or any surface where liquids are normally present.
  • All applications of stain (if used), BASECOATs, MIDCOATs, and TOPCOATs must be completely dry to the touch before proceeding to the next application to get the desired results. Drying time is at least 24 hours and subject to many variables including thickness of application, temperature (ideal is 72 degrees), humidity, and other environmental factors.
  • This product contains NUT OILS and may cause an allergic reaction. Use protective gloves, clothing, and eyewear. Clean all surfaces that come into contact with this product while in use.
  • A prepared surface is one that has been sanded smooth with all defects removed. The required final sanding grit and or burnishing (ScotchbriteTM pads 0000) requirements are different for many species. If you are not sure, test to check results on prepared scrap surfaces.
  • Properly dispose of all oily rags and applicators. They can cause spontaneous combustion.
  • Do not ingest; follow instructions on MSDS if ingested.
  • Flush eyes thoroughly with water if the finish gets in the eyes. Eye protection is recommended.

Additional Information

Masterpiece Wood Finish Instructions

Masterpiece Topcoat MSDS
Masterpiece Basecoat & Midcoat MSDS

Notice to residents of California: Click here to view Proposition 65 warning

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