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Tablesaws are extremely fast and powerful so safety should be your number one concern. We avidly support the sole use of SawStop tables in all shops. If you are not ready to make a SawStop tablesaw purchase make sure you are as careful as possible when using a tablesaw. We have a list of simple rules to help keep safety first and stop tablesaw injuries to woodworkers. Rules like using a bandsaw for ripping instead of a tablesaw or using a tracksaw for ripping instead of a tablesaw. Always use an automatic stock feeder whenever you rip on your tablesaw. Read our complete list of 19 ways to help avoid a serious tablesaw injury.

We have more helpful information for tablesaw owners on our site - in the library section of our site we have Woodworking Power Tools articles. You can also use our Advance Search Tool to find detail information on tablesaw jigs, setup and use.

SawStop Tablesaws & Tablesaw Accessories

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SawStop CNS 10 in. Contractor Tablesaw
SawStop Contractor Saw
Price: Starting at $1,599.00
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