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Timber Framing with Mike Goldberg 06/02/16

Timber Framing with Mike Goldberg 06/02/16
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Detailed Description

Timber Framing with Mike Goldberg

Thursday, June 2, 2016 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm
Class Size: 25
Demonstration Seminar

Before the era of 'Home Depot' and 'Lowe's' and long haul truckers, timbers for shelter were cut from the local forests and peeled, hewn, or sawn into submission to join with other timbers to create a building of need. Be it a smokehouse, corn crib, barn, bridge, house or cathedral, the methodology of joining timbers is the same time-tested use of the mortice and tenon joint referred today as timberframing. Known as furniture building on a massive scale, or boatbuilding upsidedown.
Timberframing has experienced a surge in popularity in the last few decades, partly due to the airing of popular shows like 'This Old House', 'Nova', and 'The Woodwrights Shop'. Siding with the need for shelter, timberframing has also become synonymous with quality, longevity, and personality or visual appeal in the building trades.
This workshop will cover every aspect of timberframing in todays trades from understanding wood, joinery layout, cutting and raising, to recycling storm damage into building materials and hybrids. If you've ever been interested in timberframing as historical knowledge, or as a diy project, this is an excellent opportunity for homeowners, contractors, architects, designers, and engineers to draw on 30 years experience in the timberframing world. The knowledge gained in a 3 hour class is not only powerful and enlightening, but priceless as well!

Highland Woodworking reserves the right to cancel any class. Full refunds will be issued in that event. Students withdrawing from a class must notify Highland Woodworking 10 or more days prior to the beginning of the class to receive full credit or refund. No refund or credit will be issued with less than 10 days' notice.


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