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Tormek T-7 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Sharpening System - $55 added value

Tormek T-7 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Sharpening System - $55 added value

Price : Starting at $639.00

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Tormek 40th Anniversary Limited Edition
T-7 Sharpening System Packages

Standard Tormek T-7 40th Anniversary Edition Sharpener with Grey Graphite Finish, Square Edge Jig, Truing Tool, Stone Grader, Honing Compound, Angle Master, Tormek Handbook, Tormek DVD, PLUS a Rotating Base and a 40th anniversary cap!
Plus Everything in the Standard Package PLUS the Tormek Hand Tool Kit and the Small Knife Jig
Deluxe Everything in the Plus Package PLUS the Tormek Woodturner's Kit

The Tormek Grinder Sharpening system is unsurpassed for quality, versatility, edge positioning accuracy and repeatability when grinding, sharpening and honing just about every tool in your shop and home.

The Swedish-made Tormek Grinder has a 10" ceramically made, 220 grit aluminum oxide grindstone wheel. A quiet, yet powerful AC motor spins the stone at a comfortable 90 RPM. The wheel remains continuously bathed in water, keeping your tool's edge cool and free from any risk of overheating. The rotation rate of the Tormek Grinder avoids slinging water while the water tray captures the grinding dust, eliminating any air-borne respiratory hazards.

There are optional Tormek Grinder jigs for practically every kind of tool. The jigs slide onto a micro-adjustable tool rest bar and operate parallel to the wheel without requiring calibration. Most work happens above the wheel, grinding into the tool's edge. However, the Tormek Grinder tool rest can be moved into the included Horizontal Base for more jig positioning choices and to grind away from the tool's edge.

Once an edge has been ground at 220 grit, the Tormek Grinder easily transforms into a 1000 grit sharpener. The included Stone Grader allows you to grade the stone from 220 grit to 1000 grit in about 30 seconds. Best of all, you go quickly from grinding to sharpening without the bother of changing wheels or altering your jig or tool rest settings, sharpening at exactly the same angle at which you ground the tool.

Honing the tool's edge on the Tormek Grinder occurs on the included Leather Stropping Wheel. Charged with stropping paste, the spinning wheel will hone an edge in a mere 10-20 seconds. The optional LA-120 Profile Leather Strop has a convex edge (1/8" radius) for polishing the insides of gouges and a sharp V (60°) edge for polishing inside V-gouges. A set of narrower leather discs (3/32" radius & 45° edge) is available for the LA-120.

The Tormek Grinder Jointer/Planer Jig handles machine knives 5/8" and wider in virtually any length.

The Tormek Grinder Multi Tool Jig is used for square-nosed turning gouges, carving gouges, and for angled tools like turning skews.

The Tormek Grinder Tool Rest is a platform that locks at any angle; it works well for scrapers, bark spuds, ice tools or anything else too uncommon to have a jig of its own.

The Tormek Grinder Universal Gouge Jig's articulated, adjustable design will let you grind any carving or turning gouge. It's perfect for side-ground bowl gouges, bent carving gouges and V gouges.

A new attachment for the Tormek Grinder Universal Gouge Jig, (the SVD005 Upgrade Kit) handles replaceable HSS turning tool cutters and very narrow gouges.

The two Tormek Grinder knife jigs, for short or long knives, cleverly allow you to sharpen both sides of a knife to exactly the same angle without resetting the jig. Their design lets you stroke along the curved tip of a blade as easily as along its straight length. The Tormek Grinder Short Knife Jig works with blades as short as 2-1/2" and handles the majority of knives in the shop and kitchen. The Tormek Grinder Long Knife Jig is for extra-large chef knives and knives with long, flexible blades. The chisel & plane iron jig for the Tormek Grinder is now the new Square Edge Jig that has been redesigned to reference the back of your iron or chisel to the jig to better ensure a square grind of the cutting edge. A unique mounting clamp, which will hold even tapered chisels, avoids skewing the chisel's edge when securing the tool in the jig. A small safety stop secures to the tool rest support bar to prevent the tool's edge from slipping off the stone. The Tormek Grinder Square Edge jig comes standard with the T-7.

The included Pro Anglemaster makes easy work of grinding and sharpening chisels and plane irons square and accurately to your desired bevel angle. The Pro Anglemaster sets any angle from 15° to 75° and adjusts for different wheel diameters from 10" to 6". Thus you can maintain accuracy on aging wheels and use it on other grinders as well.

Tormek T-7 Grinder Sharpening System includes Square Edge Jig, Pro Anglemaster, Universal Support bar with Micro-adjust, Horizontal Tool Rest Base, Truing & Dressing Tool TT50, Stone Grader SP650, Stropping Paste, Tormek Handbook & DVD and is backed by a 7-year Tormek Grinder warranty.

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