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Ultra-Cat Pre-Catalyzed Powder Resin Veneer Glue - 5lb.

Ultra-Cat Pre-Catalyzed Powder Resin Veneer Glue - 5lb.
Highland Item # 165109

Price : $35.99
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Detailed Description

Ultra-Cat Pre-Catalyzed Powder Resin Veneer Glue - 5lb.

If you've ever done any bent wood laminations or veneer work, then you know the value and convenience of powder resin glues. Since Ultra-Cat is precatalyzed, all you do is add water to activate the glue. These super tough adhesives won't creep like PVA glues which can buckle under the stress from curved work. Traditional bamboo fly-rod makers use powder resin glue for its long open time and moisture resistance. But getting a fresh batch has always been the problem with these glues. Made in small quantities, Ultra-Cat has an extended shelf life (one year) and will be fresh and ready to use when you get it.

Ultra-Cat Lightener is available separately to shade the glue line from brown to light tan. 1 pound of powder makes about 1-1/2 quarts of glue. Mix only what you can use in an hour. Open time outside of the mixing pot is about 20-30 minutes. Fans of DAP Plastic Resin Glue will find Ultra-Cat's working properties very similar.

Additional Information:

Ultra-Cat Pre-Catalyzed Powder Resin Veneer Glue Data Sheet (MSDS)

Notice to residents of California: Please read our Proposition 65 warning.

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