SawStop Comes to Highland Woodworking

Every now and then a tool comes along featuring an innovation so unique that it distinguishes that tool from anything else ever used anywhere. SawStop is one of those rare tools that has totally revolutionized tablesaw safety in the woodworking shop, and we are proud to add the SawStop tablesaws to our offering of fine woodworking machines.

The makers of SawStop are passionate about preventing saw accidents. That's why SawStop saws are equipped with a safety system to stop the blade within 5 milliseconds of detecting contact with skin.

Here's how it works. The blade carries a small electrical signal, which the safety system continually monitors. When skin contacts the blade, the signal changes because the human body is conductive. The change to the signal activates the safety system. The blade stops within milliseconds of detecting contact, quicker than a car airbag deploys.

During this time three things happen:

  • A heavy-duty aluminum brake springs into the spinning blade, to stop the blade.
  • The blade's angular momentum drives the blade beneath the table, avoiding any subsequent contact.
  • Power to the motor is shut off.

Watch a one-minute SawStop Video Demo                 SawStop FAQ

Resetting the saw is easy. It takes about five minutes to replace the $69 single-use brake cartridge and blade.

Not only is the SawStop the safest tablesaw on the market. It is also one of the highest quality saws available.

We offer the SawStop tablesaw in two basic models:

The CNS 10" Contractor Saw (pictured at right, available immediately) operates at 1.75 HP 110/220 volts, and comes in fence configurations allowing 36" or 52" ripping capacity.

The new PCS 10" Professional Cabinet Saw (pictured above) operates at 3 HP 208/230 volts, and has ripping capacity of 36" or 52".

Both models are in stock for immediate delivery.

Highland Woodworking is an authorized SawStop dealer serving Georgia. We are authorized to sell to woodworkers living anywhere in the U.S. who transact their SawStop purchase in person at our Atlanta store.

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