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August 2010 Issue No. 2

  The Maloof Inspired Low Back Dining Chair Instructional Bundle
is on the cover of Highland Woodworking's Fall 2010 Catalog! So many of my customers who have already purchased the new low-back instructional bundle and have started building this wonderful chair. It is a great way to get started crafting sculptured chairs!
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                      The Seven Day Build Your Maloof Inspired Rocker Class was a great success!
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My New Woodworking School/ Workshop & Studio Opens in October
Pictures and information will appear in future issues.

           New Classes ... 
I have added more "Seven Day Build Your Maloof Inspired Rocker Classes" to the schedule:
October 25-31, 2010 / 2 Openings Remain
January 11-17, 2011 / 3 Openings Remain
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"As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Man Sharpens Another - The Five Rockers"
Every Tuesday night for five years we got together to work on rocking chairs for his three daughters, wife and himself. The results were much more than we had planned or imagined.
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Tool of the Month
The Dowel Former is not a luxury it is almost a necessity! Yes it slices and dices, or actually it sizes the hardware store dowel (they are never a true 1/2"). It also chamfers and flutes the dowel so it will be able to provide a place for the glue to go when the joint is compressed. Before I found this inexpensive time saver I used an expensive sizing plate and fluted them by hand with a V-gouge. Throw away the three legs, frame it with wood and clamp it in a vise.
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Peach State Lumber Has Walnut Lumber Packs for Your Chair!
for building your Maloof Inspired Rocker ($550) & the Low Back Dining Chair ($250)!
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I would like to welcome a new Dealer/Partner!
Bill Kohr's hand tool store in San Diego, CA provides only the best woodworking hand tools and accessories in the store and on-line!
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The Rock'NChairman Picture of the Year Goes to ........

I have received some great pictures of rocking chairs during the past year but nothing like the one from ....
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Rock'NChairmen Certificates...
will be sent out in the coming weeks to all who have sent me a picture of a completed rocker.
The certificate conveys to you an acceptance in the legendary International Society of Rocker Fellows .

Tip of the Month 
This is a great way to copy a back leg from a pattern. Your success depends on the quality of your router table, insert plate and set-up. Your router table must be flat! The spiral copy/ trim bit is 2" long and very apt to kick back if you have the pattern and stock twisting because of uneven surfaces. It's important that the bit is 90-degrees to the table and that the router plate is level with the surface of the rest of the table. You can see the round addition to the bottom of the back leg pattern in the picture. You need to be able to run the bit past the ends of the leg (top and bottom). In Sam's books you can see his patterns hanging on the wall with a circular surface at each end . It's a great place to add some more stock and a screw at each end to go along with the double sided turner's tape that sticks the pattern to the stock. I cut out the leg on the bandsaw leaving approximately 1/32" to 1/16" to be removed at the router table. The starter pin is a must. It's purpose is to give you control until the bit's pilot has engaged with the pattern. 
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