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Hollow Vessel Turning with Frank Bowers
Hollow Vessel Turning with Frank Bowers

Saturday, August 18
Tuition: $95
Class Size: 8
Hands-On Workshop
Item# 991606

Sharpening with Jim Dillon
Sharpening with Jim Dillon

Tuesday, August 21
6pm to 9pm
Tuition: $75
Class Size: 12
Hands-On Workshop
Item# 991608

Turning Birdhouse Ornaments with Hal Simmons
Turning Birdhouse Ornaments with Hal Simmons

Saturday & Sunday
August 25 & 26
9am to 5pm
Tuition: $195
Class Size: 8
Hands-On Workshop
Item# 991609

Antique Restoration with Alan Noel
Antique Restoration with Alan Noel

Saturday & Sunday
August 25 & 26
9am to 5pm
Tuition: $275
Class Size: 12
Item# 991637

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Alan Noel's Finishing Corner

Don't Get Steamed!

Alan Noel Very often during the process of building a new piece of furniture in my shop, I'll manage to add a few dents and dings along the way to the otherwise smooth surfaces. Fortunately, most of these minor accidents can simply be sanded out, but sometimes they are a bit too deep for sanding. This month I'll give you some pointers on how to deal with some of these problems.

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New Generation of MultiMaster Tools from Fein!

New Generation of MultiMaster Tools from Fein!

Fein Tools recently introduced a new generation of their versatile MultiMaster tool, the FMM 250 series, featuring a more powerful motor, a new "StarMount" spindle that provides high torque transfer, and a new ergonomic design with non-slip softgrip. This is truly one of those rare tools that earns the undisputed title of "the best there is". It's a great sander, bringing fast, high-quality finishing into places that no full-size sander can reach. Fein's industrial-quality variable speed 2.3 amp motor drives the machine spindle at speeds from 11,000 to 20,000 OPM, making this far and away the most efficient and smoothest-running tool in its class.

The FMM 250 is available in three models: Start (101671), Select (101672) and Top (101673). Select and Top Systems include the new QuickIN Rapid Lever Clamping System for tool-free accessory changes.

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Diamond Stone

Ask the Staff

E-mail us with your woodworking or finishing questions. Selected questions will be answered in future issues. If your question is selected for publication, we'll send you a free Highland Woodworking hat.

Question: I was looking at the Anant planes in your catalog and I'm having a bit of trouble understanding the difference between the standard Anant planes and the new Kamals. Are they really that different and are they worth the extra money?


Job Box Tool List, Part I by Chris Black

Employee Contribution

Job Box Tool List, Part I
by Chris Black

For many years before coming to Highland, I worked as a carpenter/cabinetmaker in the historical districts of Washington D.C. and Alexandria, VA. Historical restoration and remodeling isn't much different from other work, you just have to be more conscious of period details and have a reverent attitude during demolition. In many instances you are forced to use hand tools where you would normally use a reciprocating saw or a hammer drill. Needless to say, over time I've collected an interesting array of hand tools to tackle some fairly intricate tasks.

In this series of articles, I've gone through and listed my personal tools for different types of site woodworking or woodworking outside your primary shop. In this first article, I'll list the tools in my carpentry box, and make comments on some of the more interesting ones.



Belt Sander Racing Fun at
the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) fair in Las Vegas. It was a great show with lots of new products that you'll be seeing soon at Highland Woodworking.

The highlight of the weekend was the belt sander races on Friday afternoon. People have been racing belt sanders for many years (you can find dozens of belt sander racing videos on YouTube .) The oldest racing organization is the New England Belt Sander Racing Association (NEBSRA). Now, Accuride is sponsoring the Belt Sander Racing Association (BSRA) . There was an enormous crowd on hand for the racing. So many people, in fact, that one of the exhibitors rescheduled their press conference because everyone was at the belt sander races.

I took some video at the races, but it turns out I'm not a very good cameraman and I was a bit too far away, but I found a video on YouTube that is much better quality than my video and covers the most amazing run of the afternoon from a great perspective.

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Update on New Leigh Products!

Update on New Leigh Products!

We know that many of you are anxiously waiting for us to ship your new Leigh VRS or Super Jig . Originally, they were scheduled to arrive in mid- to late-July. Unfortunately, Leigh has had some delays. Visit the Highland Woodworking Blog to read a letter with the latest information from Matt at Leigh Industries.

Highland Woodworking Blog

Red Hot Special!

In recent years, many companies have tried to copy the venerable Bessey K Body clamps - with varying degrees of success. One of the better clones has been the Gross Stabil PC2 Parallel Clamps . Recently, Bessey purchased Gross Stabil. They don't need two different versions of the same clamp, so the Gross Stabil model has been discontinued and you benefit from outstanding prices on some great clamps! Quantities are limited, so act fast - once they're gone, they're gone for good!

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Highland Woodworking's Doug Hall in the News!

One of the things we believe adds to the reputation of Highland Woodworking is that our staff has garnered their knowledge by being passionate about woodworking. This passion is frequently nurtured outside of the walls of our store. Some make furniture, carve, do marquetry, and of course, turn wood. For some it is truly an obsession while others seem to be able to keep it under control. Doug Hall, our Coordinator of Education, has a passion for making split bamboo fly rods. He was recently featured in " The Art of Flyfishing " in Western North Carolina Magazine .

In the article, Doug explains how his passion has grown beyond simply making these rods and how strongly he feels about sharing the craft by teaching. Doug teaches an average of 35 students a year through his week-long seminars at various woodworking schools. He also frequents our "Saturday Morning at Highlands" free educational series, so watch the schedule for his next demonstration!

Read " The Art of Flyfishing " article

Highland Woodworking New Tool Catalog

Look in Your Mailbox for Our New Catalog!

Our new woodworking tool catalog will be shipping out in the next few weeks, full of new products and the great selection of woodworking tools, supplies and information you've come to rely on from us!

If you do not currently receive our print catalog and would like to do so, please contact our Catalog Request Department or you may call our 24-Hour Toll-Free CATALOG REQUEST LINE:
(888) 500-4466 .

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