FALL 2007

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Finishing Wood
with Alan Noel

How to Fight Mother Nature

Alan Noel During my many years as a finisher, a lot of clients have asked me to either finish a new exterior door or refinish an existing door that has become very dark and unattractive or completely bleached out from the sun. Blame Mother Nature for that and of course the lack of exterior finishes that will stand up to the blistering hot sun, the cold of winter and everything else mother nature can throw at it. Like everything else, wood expands and contracts with the temperature and to some extent, barometric pressure. Because of this movement the finish on the door has to move with the wood in order to stay put, otherwise the finish has no choice but to flake off as the wood moves about more than the finish can stretch. Although painting wooden elements that are exposed to the weather will, in the long run, do a much better job of preservation, some success can be had if you choose the correct clear finish to begin with, and are willing to follow up with all the steps required to maintain it.

What are all those steps?


QUESTION: My 10-year-old grandson is just getting interested in woodworking. Do you offer a set of tools made especially for kids that might make a good Christmas present for him?

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Job Box Tool List, Part I by Chris Black
Job Box Tool List
Part II

by Chris Black

In Part I of this series, I listed and discussed the hand tools I keep in my carpentry toolbox.  In this article, I'll go over the tools I stow in my cabinetry and cabinet installation box and the different planes in my handplane box.  You'll notice quite a bit of overlap between the carpentry box content and that of the cabinetry box.  I consider it a luxury to own more than one of any tool.  But, once you get used to not swapping tools from one box to another, the luxury quickly becomes a necessity.  Others advantages to having multiple tools are that you don't leave tools behind if you forget to switch them from box to box, and if a tool goes down, you always have a backup.

Continued Inside

Burning With Enthusiasm
Julie Bender, who has taught several classes on pyrography (woodburning) at Highland Woodworking, has just published the first edition of her online newsletter, Burning With Enthusiasm . We're very proud to learn that her work was recently selected for display at an exclusive juried exhibition at the International Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. Her next exhibition will be November 16-18, 2007 at the Plantation Wildlife Festival in Thomasville, GA. Congratulations, Julie, on the launch of your online newsletter!
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Signature Medallions
by Pat Scott
Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of a pie safe that I finished making for my wife. I had ordered some Signature Medallions from Highland Woodworking a while back, and thought you might like to see the finished product with medallion.

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