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Question:  I'm building a chest of drawers to replace a lower case of a chest-on-chest that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The upper case survived and is veneered with walnut. It is an English Empire (Victorian) piece with white pine substrates and secondary woods. Do you know if I can substitute local cypress for the pine with good results?
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Wood Slicer Testimonial

I purchased a Wood Slicer blade for my Delta bandsaw a few months back and used your instructions on how to resaw effectively. I just wanted to tell you how blown away I am at the results. I took the time to set up my bandsaw per your instructions, and soon was making beautiful bookmatched pieces. While your detailed instructions were terrific, I never thought the quality of the cut would be so good. Using only a 1 HP motor, it went through the cherry with ease. Less than 1/16" through the planer is all that is required to smooth the surface. I am very impressed. Thank you!
Craig A.

Finishing Wood
with Alan Noel
Food Safe Finishes

You may remember in my last column that I explained the hazards of lead based paints due to the toy recalls around the holidays of 2007. Since I am also often asked by my students which finishes are "food safe" and there seems to be an awful lot of confusion concerning finishing materials, I'll explain here which finishes are safe for us to use on our woodworking projects that are to be used in our homes.

Some ABCs of Woodworking
By Derreck Bryans

Woodworking is a pastime and/or profession that has a language all its own. From turning to carving to casework, there can be a lot of confusing phrases and words. Being as old as it is, woodworking has a lot of words from other languages and time periods that were altered over the years.

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We actively solicit contributions of editorial material (articles, photos and videos) from our customers and readership, and for every one we accept and publish in Wood News Online , we will compensate the contributor with a store gift certificate. We pay $100 (in the form of a store gift certificate) for a thousand-word article with photos. The amount of the gift certificate is prorated for shorter or longer articles. Articles submitted may be edited by us, and compensation is based on the published length.

MAY 3-4, 2008

Come meet one of TV's biggest crowd pleasers, Woodwright's Shop host Roy Underhill, our special guest during our big 30th Anniversary Celebration in Atlanta on Saturday, May 3, 2008. Roy will be giving free demos all day long.
He will also teach a one-day class entitled Simple Machines the Old-Fashioned Way on Sunday, May 4.

Woodturning video

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