May 16
Toshio Odate Evening Lecture:
The Nature of Arts and Crafts

May 17-18
Japanese Woodworking Tools & Traditions with Toshio Odate

May 28
Gilding and Gold Leafing

May 31 - June 1
Bowl Turning Workshop

June 7
Beginning Turning

June 8
Sharpening for Turners

June 9
Sharpening Hand Tools

June 11
French Polishing Workshop

June 14
Basic Bowl Turning

June 14
Introduction to Marquetry

June 16-18
Build a Shaker Table

June 21-22
Woodworking Skills for Beginners

June 25
Wood Coloring Basics

June 28
Turning Lidded Boxes

June 29
Gift Ideas from the Lathe

July 9
French Polishing Workshop

July 11
Exploring the Maloof Rocking Chair

July 12-13
Building a Maloof-Inspired Rocker

July 12-13
Women in Woodworking: More Power Tools

July 18
Bookcase Design

July 19
Make and Take a Bookcase

July 23
Quick Wood Finishes

July 26
Beginning Wood Turning

August 2
Basic Bowl Turning

August 3
Hollow Vessel Turning

August 9-10
Antique Restoration

September 19
Milk Paint Finishes with Curtis Buchanan

September 20
One Day Comb-Back Chair Seminar with Curtis Buchanan

September 21-27
Make a Comb-Back Chair Workshop with Curtis Buchanan

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Q & A
Question:  I constantly have problems when trying to finish with varnish.  When I brush it on and then wipe it off, it looks good. However when I brush it on and leave it, I get lots of pimples and bubbles. This usually occurs when I am putting on additional coats of any type of varnish. It must be my technique in brushing. I put the varnish in a separate bucket, use a quality brush, dip up to about a 2/3 length of the bristles and lightly tap on the side of the bucket. I do not scrape on the lip of the bucket. I first apply the varnish by brushing at a right angle to the grain, then follow along the grain using the tip of the brush with light pressure. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Windsor Chairmaking
With Curtis Buchanan
There are many distinctive characteristics of a Curtis Buchanan Windsor Chair. Most can be considered signature features, all graceful and flowing from the crispness of his turnings to the delicate power of his finish work. These chairs are always visually stunning, yet also subtle at the same time, and their design and construction seem to manifest a certainty of enduring strength.

How to Let Your
Woodworking Talent
Work for Others

By Chris Black
20th Century theologian Reinhold Niebuhr often wrote about the divine paradox of self-fulfillment. Simply stated, in order to be truly happy and contented in any human endeavor, you must first find a way for your actions to serve others. For me the greatest satisfaction I find in working wood comes when it helps other people. Finding ways to use your woodworking talent to serve and bless others can paradoxically help you achieve the greatest amount of personal joy.

Finishing Wood
with Alan Noel
Chop Chop

From time to time I'll get a call about what finish should be used on  chopping blocks. Most of the time, chopping blocks are made of rock maple and are designed with the end grain serving as the chopping surface, though I have recently seen chopping blocks made of birch or some other hard or soft woods from different parts of the world that are quite frankly, very poorly designed. The most prevalent issue is that the laminations have been glued together utilizing the flat cut side of the wood instead of the end grain for the cutting or chopping surface.

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Woodwrights Shop Legend
Roy Underhill Set the Pace
at Highland's Recent 30th Birthday Celebration

Ten Great Ways to Invest That Federal Rebate

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