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Wood Slicer Bandsaw Blade Reviews and Kudos!

We recently received these comments from our woodworking customers and we're so proud of our Wood Slicer band saw blade that we wanted to share them with you:

I normally don't write letters, but I received a Wood Slicer band saw blade from you yesterday and put it on my 14 in band saw. Boy was I impressed! 1/64" slices out of 8/4" Red Oak like butter. A super light sanding and ready for finish! What a great band saw blade! — Bob M., Nebraska

I purchased two of the 1/2" Wood Slicer bandsaw blades about which you brag.
Well, you don't brag enough. Incredible! — Harold H., Trabuco Canyon, CA

I wanted to comment on your Wood Slicer bandsaw blades. Anyone wanting to re-saw lumber, contact Highland Woodworking. I ordered my second wood slicer while resawing Oak for my Grandchildrens Jewlery Boxes. I've never seen anything like them!!! And, way to go Highland!! It arrived at my home as fast as they cut.!!! Great blade and fast service. I'm sure glad I found a great blade and a fantastic Company to Deal with. Thank you HIGHLAND!!!!! — Bill Stoelk, Basin, Wyoming

Just thought I would take a minute to drop you folks a note regarding my experience w/ your Wood Slicer band saw blade—It certainly has lived up to the pre-purchase accolades your sales rep mentioned while I was on the phone—I've used it to slice veneer about 2/32" thick—and to cut the top free from the bottom of the box I am making—Thanks for a terrific product. — Barrie Beaver, Sussex, NJ

I just recently purchased a Wood Slicer band saw blade for my Grizzly 14" G0555 band saw and I have to say that this blade is absolutely unreal. I have never in my life seen a blade to equal this one and I first used a band saw approximately 50 years ago. I am cutting hardwood to a thickness of 1/16" with no saw marks and no additional sanding or finishing of any kind required prior to gluing. Very little finishing is necessary prior to applying a final finish. The speed of cut with this bandsaw blade on either soft or hard wood has probably doubled, I have not timed it. I would hate to change back to an ordinary bandsaw blade but I certainly won't risk hurting this blade on ordinary work. Again, this bandsaw blade is incredible! — TC Goodner

I recently purchased three band saw blades for my 10 inch Inca 260, included in the purchase was a Wood Slicer Bandsaw Blade. When I unwrapped it, I realized this was something special. I immediately installed the Wood Slicer, fired up the machine and started cutting 6 " X 6" White Oak rough stock. Results? WOW, is all I could say to myself. The cuts were so good I had to look twice to see the cut side from the machine planed face! What a blade, I have never been more pleased with a bandsaw blade and it's performance! — R. Simon

Hi. The Wood Slicer bandsaw blade you sent me is, in itself, a work of art. I was literally shocked when it cut through five inches of hard maple during a resaw attempt as if the proverbial hot knife through butter! Kudos to you and the manufacturer. I've used the broad hatchet in building my shave horse and really could not have done it without that wonderful tool. Thanks for your time. — David S.

I started using a 1/2" wide Wood Slicer bandsaw blade last night for the first time. What a joy to use! The first piece of 5" wide maple was resawn very easily. By the time I had cut a third piece of maple the edges produced were nearly as smooth as results achieved with a good jointer. The blade cut through a 2"wide knot without burn marks, negligible slowdown and very smooth results. I was extremely pleased with the results of the Wood Slicer bandsaw blade. Thanks! — D.Williams.

I am not a big fan of the tool evaluations published in woodworking magazines. I wonder exactly who is buying the tools to equip the shops of these evaluators. Objectivity is elusive.

I am a semi-professional; I have a real job to support my habit, woodworker with a well equipped shop. I do a variety of styles of large case type furniture projects. Resawing has always been a problem for me. My band saw is standard Delta 14" with a 93 ½" blade. I have tried at least a half dozen types of bandsaw blades for resawing and always had marginal to dismal results.

I bit the bullet and purchased some of your Wood Slicer band saw blades. WOW! Greatest thing since pockets on shirts, sliced bread, and stuff like that. Thank you for a really great product that actually performs in my shop on my machine.— Ron P.

I purchased a 3/4" bandsaw blade for my Delta bandsaw a few months back and used your instructions on how to resaw effectively. I just wanted to tell you how blown away I am at the results. I took the time to set up my bandsaw and per your instructions, and soon was making beautiful bookmatched pieces. While your detailed instructions were terrific, I never thought the quality of the cut would be so good. With only a 1hp motor, it went through the cherry with ease. Less than a 1/16" through the planer is all that is required to smooth the surface. I am very impressed. Thank you!— Craig A.

I just shut down my shop for the night, and I feel obliged to drop you guys a line. I bought a 1/2" Woodslicer bandsaw blade yesterday and left it in my truck. I have a tendency to buy stuff and then forget about it. Well, this afternoon I started resawing stock for some faux panels on the side of a bookcase using my old standby bandsaw blade from the Orange bigbox. Darned if the saw didn't start choking on 6 inches of basswood--pathetic. I said some bad words and forged ahead. Absolutely butchered the stock, of course. The blade was screaming, the lights in the shop were flickering. It was really bad. Then I remembered my purchase, ran out to the parking lot and grabbed the Wood Slicer bandsaw blade. I put it on and set up the guides, and kinda cleaned up the saw a bit. Spun up the DC, turned on the saw, and wowee! I spent the next forty-five minutes resawing various leftover hardwood scraps. I'm sold. I didn't think it was possible to get that smooth of a cut out of a bandsaw. — D. Petrides

I asked my wife for a Wood Slicer 1/2" bandsaw blade for Christmas. She did order it from you and gave it to me today after we got home from Christmas at other places. Of course I had to try it out very quickly which I did. Too bad I did not purchase a bandsaw blade from you a long time ago, it works very nice and does leave a smooth edge. My band saw only needs a little adjustment for the blade lead. As soon as I do that everything will be great and I will be looking for things to make that need lumber resawed. Thanks!— Steve M.

I purchased a new Rikon 14" 1 1/2 hp bandsaw last month. It came with a 5/8" bandsaw blade from Olson. I was quite happy with what the new band saw could do, compared to the old one I had. However, in doing a little research on which saw to buy, I kept coming across testimonials concerning a band saw blade I had never heard of--yours of course. So I decided to buy one for myself. I don't know how you do it, all I know is that everything you claim it can do, it does. Cuts smoother, quieter, faster than any other bandsaw blade I've tried. If your saw is setup right, you can resaw without the need for a drum sander. I'll be buying another blade real soon!— J.McQueen

Well my 5/8" resaw bandsaw blade finally broke after three or four years, it was time to try your Wood Slicer bandsaw blade. As you already know it does everything that you said and more. Everything I saw with it comes out the same, perfect. One light pass thorugh the planner or drum sander is all that's needed to make it smooth. And it is so smooth that on some things it could pass without sanding. It does take less power and is very quite. Keep up the good work!— Robert P.

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