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Here's My Woodturning!

by Michael C. Borg
Grand Junction, CO

Note: click any picture to see a larger version.

I have been teaching myself turning for about a year now. I have a 1962 ShopSmith that my brother and I rebuilt just before Christmas.

I turn a lot of beer mugs - I don't drink, but have been collecting them since the 1970s. I have also turned a few wine goblets.

This stein is one of my latest turnings: It is made from reclaimed Oak with Purple-heart accents, and I hand-carved the handle. I finished it with acrylic for the outside and handle, and FDA approved food safe epoxy for the inside. It holds just over 40 ounces of liquid, is 9-1/2 inches when closed, and 12-3/16 inches when open.

These wine glasses were my first attempt at inside out turning. I used Rosewood for the stems and finished them with varnish.

I like working with found and reclaimed lumber when possible. This octagonal base mug is made from reclaimed Oak, and holds just over 32 ounces of liquid. It is 7-1/8 inches tall.

This stein is Mesquite with Turquoise inlay, holds 30 ounces and is 7-3/8 inches tall.

I am also teaching my 17 yr old son Marc who lives in Texas how to turn via text messages and phone conversations. He is turning out to be a very talented wood turner in his own right.

One of the first projects I did was to turn mugs for my 3 sons, Kris, Shawn, and Marc (being the youngest).

Marc was taking a shop class in high school and they had a lathe that was not being used. He showed the mugs to his shop teacher and asked if he could try to turn one. The shop teacher told him he would not mind if he cleaned up after himself. Marc turned an Oak mug from a piece of firewood. It turned out very nice. For the school's open house just before spring break, the shop teacher presented the mug to all the parents and made the statement that it was one of the best works that a student had made in the shop since the opening of the school. After hearing that his mother purchased Marc a Rikon mini lathe 70-100 and he has been turning on his front porch ever since. He has made a few mugs, shot glasses and figured out how to do a captured ring wine goblet on his own. He has also turned a few tops and a yo-yo that turned out real nice.

Marc's first mug

Marc's captured ring wine goblet

The Acorn box that Marc made for his mother.

You can email Michael at michaelcborg@yahoo.com .

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