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Quick Measure Repetitive Cut Bandsaw Table

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by Phil Colson

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I was preparing wood for a class I teach at the John C. Campbell Folk School and needed a way to make repetitive cuts on the bandsaw without measuring each piece. I also wanted to get the most out of the wood I was using. Precise cuts are not a requirement for turners since we turn in the round, but size is. In the past I would make marks on the bandsaw table with a magic marker, until the table looked pretty funny. Going from one cut list to another without having to draw new lines and then remembering which line I put down just didn't work. Voila! The QUICK MEASURE REPETITIVE CUT BANDSAW TABLE (QMRCBT) was invented.

It works like a dream. To use the QMRCBT, I begin by setting the pin to the desired width, then hold the wood against the pin as I advance the workpiece into the blade, cutting at whatever drift angle the blade allows. (Oh yes, the side that registers against the pin does need to be reasonably straight to begin with.) In short order, ten 4" squares are completed, etc. etc.

The QMRCBT is made from a piece of ¾ plywood cut to the size of the table on the bandsaw. Put wood on the front and two sides so the QMRCBT slides on the bandsaw table with a snug fit. Push the QMRCBT onto the bandsaw table and cut a slot until the QMRCBT stops. Turn the bandsaw off and draw a line perpendicular to the leading edge of the blade. Mark the line with the measurement you want. I used ¾, 1, 1.5 – up to 6". I used a piece of drill stock 5/16" diameter. You could use a hardwood dowel. From the marks you have made, you will need to move to the right, half the distance of the hole size, to have the left edge equal the designated distance. Drill the holes, wax the QMRCBT on both sides, and you are done. Slide it on, put the pin in, and start processing wood.

Happy turning.

Phil can be reached directly via email at .

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