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Bucket Cuts

phil picture

by Phil Colson

When I don't feel like going to my wood yard to cut up a few pieces with my chainsaw, I cut it in my driveway. In the wood yard I have an old stump with a cove cut in it to stabilize the wood while I'm cutting. In the driveway I use a discarded Sheetrock mud bucket.

I used a jigsaw to cut a cove in the top of the bucket to hold the wood. I use the Sheetrock mud bucket because it has two additional rings of plastic below the rim and I feel this makes the bucket a bit stronger once the cove is cut. The bucket is strong enough to hold my weight while standing on it. If it will hold me, it will hold any piece of wood I could lift.

It works for me.

Phil can be reached directly via email at woodturnerphil@gmail.com .

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