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Zero-Clearance Throat Plate

Zero-Clearance Throat Plate

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Zero-Clearance Throat Plate

Custom throat plates are one of the handiest accessories for your saw, preventing cut-off kickback, limiting chip-out and providing solid stock support. Our melamine-coated solid phenolic resin blanks are flatter, stiffer and slicker than any other throat plate inserts you can buy.

These insert plates feature lateral and end adjustment screws in addition to four leveling screws that are accessible from the top, and a steel retaining pin to keep the rear of the blank (except on Jet and older Sears blanks) from lifting. A finger hold makes removal easy. The bottom of each blank is grooved to house your saw blade, so you can cut the blade opening without resorting to a first cut with a smaller blade.

Please note: Throat plate colors are random and may be a different color than shown in the picture.

We carry zero clearance throat plates for many table saws and miter Saws. Please check the chart below to find the plate for your saw and select the correct plate from the drop down list above.

BH-113-9/16"3-3/4"7/16"Bosch 4100 & 4000 Zero Clearance (with riving knife slot)
BH-213-9/16"3-3/4"7/16" Bosch 4100 & 4000 Zero Clearance (without riving knife slot)
CR-114"3-3/4"3/16"Sears Craftsman 10" belt-drive models 1977 to mid 2004 (check size, see DL-1U); RIDGID TS2412, TS2424, TS2400, TS2400-0
CR-214-3/8"3-3/4"3/16"Sears Craftsman, OLDER (circa 1964-1977) 10" belt-drive, including models: 113.29901, 113.29902, 113.29903, 113.299040, 113.29943, 113.299142, 113.29960
CR-314-3/8"3-3/4"3/32"Sears Craftsman, VINTAGE (circa 1947-1964) 10" belt-drive, including models: 103.29992, 113.27520, 113.27610, 113.27970, 113.29920, 113.29990, 113.29991, 113.29992
CR-415-1/8"4-1/8"1/8"Sears Craftsman 21833 (351.218330); Grizzly G0715P;Dayton 4KXD1; Masterforce 240-0036
DL-1U13-3/8"3-3/4"1/2"Delta: Unisaw & LEFT-TILT UNISAW, 10" Contractor,10" Tilt Arbor Saw, "Hybrid" & Left-Tilt Contractor; Grizzly G1023; Jet CTAS-10; Powermatic 63; Sears Craftsman 22104, 22114, 22124; Bridgewood BW10TS; Steel City 35605, 35610, 35670, 35675, 35680, 35685
DL-212-1/2"3-3/4"3/16"Delta Models: 34-670, 34-740 (Super-10), 36-380 (XL-10), 36-600, QT-10, TS-300 & TS-350; Jet: JSL-10TS (Shopline), JTS-10DD
DL-424-25/32"4-23/32" Delta RT-40
DL-510-5/32"3-9/16" Delta 9" Rockwell
DL-614-1/2"5"17/32" - 31/64"Delta: New Unisaw – Zero Clearance/Dado (w/o riving knife slot)
DL-714-1/2"5"17/32" - 31/64"Delta: New Unisaw – Zero Clearance/Dado (w/ riving knife slot)
DW-110"2-5/8"1/4" - 1/8"DeWalt 12" Miter Saws: DW703, DW704, DW705, DW705S, DW706, DW713, DW715, DW716
DW-213-9/16"3-3/4"29/64"DeWalt: DW744 & DW745 (factory splitter/guard incompatible with DW-2 insert on these saws) & DW746
GE-113-13/16"3-1/2"25/32"General International: 350 (Right Tilt) & 650 (Left Tilt)
GE-214-31/32"3-23/32"3/16"General International: 50-220, 50-090K; Jet: 10" Workshop Table Saw (Stock# 708100), JPS-10 Pro-Shop (Stock# 708481, 708482, 708483, 708480K)
GE-312-9/16"3-9/16"25/64"General International: 50-075/175/185/250/260
HT-115-1/8"3-3/4"1/8"Hitachi: C10FL, C10LA; Porter Cable: PCB270TS
JT-16412-1/2"3-9/16"27/32"Jet: JTS-10, JCS-10, JWTS-10, JTAS-10, JWCS-10; Powermatic: 64 & 64A (left-tilt); Sunhill: most 10" saws; Bridgewood: TSC-10C & TSC-10CL; King KC 10GC; Shop Fox: W1703, W1714, W1725, W1726; Grizzly: G0444, G0444Z, G0575, G0576
JT-2L13-5/16"3-11/16"1/2"Jet XACTA SAW LEFT (JTAS – 10XL);Shop Fox: W1677, W1711; Grizzly G1023SL
JT-315-5/16"3-23/32" Jet JTAS-12 & CTAS-12 (12")
JT-515-5/16"4-1/4" Jet Deluxe XACTA Saw – Zero Clearance (with riving knife slot)
JT-615-5/16"4-1/4" Jet Deluxe XACTA Saw – Zero Clearance/Dado (w/o riving knife slot)
JT-SS12-9/16"3-9/16"29/32"Jet Super Saw – JWS-10LFR
MK-113-5/16"2-3/8"1/4"Makita Dual Slide Compound Miter Saws: LS1013 (10"), LS1212 (12"), LS1214 (12")
PM-114-7/16"4"27/64"Powermatic 66; Bridgewood BW10LTS
PM-220-5/8"4"3/4" - 5/16"Powermatic 72A
PM-317-5/8"4" Old Powermatic 72 (full round ends)
PM-426-1/8"4" Powermatic 74A (scoring)
PM-517-7/8"4" Old Powermatic 72 & 68 (rectangular - flat ends)
PM-617-7/8"4-1/4"15/32" - 3/8"Powermatic PM2000 - Zero Clearance (with riving knife slot)
PM-717-7/8"4-1/4"15/32" - 3/8"Powermatic PM2000 - Zero Clearance/Dado (w/o riving knife slot)
RG-114"3-3/4"1/2"RIDGID TS3650 & TS3660 (Cast Iron Top Contractor)
RG-213-5/16"3-3/4"7/16"RIDGID TS2400LS, TS2410LS & TS2400-1 (Alloy Top Portable)
RG-314"3-3/4"3/8"RIDGID R4510 - Zero Clearance (with riving knife slot)
RG-414"3-3/4"3/8"RIDGID R4510 - Zero Clearance/Dado (w/o riving knife slot)
RG-515-1/8"3-3/4"1/8"RIDGID R4512 – Zero Clearance (with riving knife slot)
RG-615-1/8"3-3/4"1/8"RIDGID R4512 – Zero Clearance/Dado (w/o riving knife slot)
SC-114-11/16"3-3/4"1/2"Zero Clearance (with riving knife slot) Steel City 10" Riving Knife Cabinet Saw Model #35900 Series; RIDGID R4511, Sears Craftsman 351.221160
SC-214-11/16"3-3/4"1/2"Zero Clearance/Dado (w/o riving knife slot) Steel City 10" Riving Knife Cabinet Saw Model #35900 Series; RIDGID R4511, Sears Craftsman 351.221160

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