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Information about comparison prices of discounted items

The Institue for Truth in Marketing has kindly brought to our attention legal requirements mandated by certain municipal statutes to clearly explain the exact meaning of any comparison price that is intended to communicate the perceived value of an item being offered for sale at a discount from the comparison price (henceforth referred to as a reference price).

The summary below is a good faith effort to address any such legal requirement.


Prices for all items that are not part of a discount promotion are simply marked PRICE. Wherever the term is used, REGULAR PRICE refers to the ordinary established selling price when an item is not discounted.

A SALE PRICE is the selling price when an item is temporarily discounted, either with a specified END DATE, or designated as WHILE SALE QUANTITIES LAST. When the discounted sale quantity is depleted, we return to the regular price, which is again labeled PRICE.

When we participate in a promotion organized by a manufacturer, the SALE PRICE begins and ends on the dates the manufacturer designates.

When a reference price is entitled LIST PRICE, that represents the manufacturer's suggested retail price. In general we sell most items for the manufacturer's suggested retail price if the manufacturer specifies one. In some cases we may (as do other retailers) sell at a price discounted from the manufacturer's suggested retail price. When this happens, the selling price will then show as OUR PRICE.

ORIGINAL PRICE means a price that was established as our regular price over a significant period of time in the past. Later we may negotiate with a manufacturer to purchase a large quantity of an item at a lower wholesale cost, warehousing them at our Atlanta store. We pass along the savings to our customers which helps increase demand sufficiently to sell through several hundred units of the item within a 12-month period. The discounted selling price will show as OUR PRICE.

Discontinued items may be assigned a CLEARANCE PRICE to help dispose of them more quickly. The regular price the item previously sold for is listed as the ORIGINAL PRICE.
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