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Arti Dyes

Arti Water-Soluble Dyes

Aniline Dyes

Articol dyes: For close-pored woods. Available in a full range of traditional wood tones plus primary colors for mixing custom hues.

Artiporin dyes: For open-pored woods such as oak or ash.

Toymaker's Dyes

Toymaker's dyes: Include eight bright, safe colors manufactured using food coloring bases, and approved for use on toys or furniture for small children.

Instructions for Mixing Dyes

Stock Preparation: Sand, scrape or plane wood to desired smoothness. Wipe the surface with a wet rag, let dry 10-20 minutes, and sand with very fine sandpaper slightly askew from grain direction to cut away any raised grain and loose fibers. Clean the piece thoroughly.

Mixing the Dye: Use only plastic, glass or ceramic containers for mixing and storing Arti dyes. Metals will react with and contaminate dye solution. Weigh out the required amount of dye powder in grams or ounces (28 grams = 1 oz.), or estimate powder by volume (e.g. #547 Medium Walnut at 30g/l would require about 1/3 of a 100g container per liter of water). One liter is close enough to one quart to allow successful use of a kitchen measuring cup for water volume. Bring the water to a boil. Use a tablespoon of cold water or solvent alcohol to mix the dry powder to a thick, lump-free paste, then add the hot water, mixing thoroughly. Filtration is required only if solids remain visible after the solution has cooled. Up to 10% alcohol may be used in the solution to shorten drying time. Store dyes in a cool, dry place.

Dyeing Wood: Use rubber gloves to avoid contact with skin. Dye may be wiped, brushed or sprayed, or the wood dipped in the dye. Apply dye liberally to assure even absorption and color saturation. Allow to penetrate for a few minutes, then wipe off all excess dye remaining on the wood's surface. Re-apply if necessary to achieve color saturation. Allow the piece to dry thoroughly before finishing. Note: Though non-toxic, Arti aniline dyes are not rated for use on children's toys. For this, Arti Toymaker's dyes are ideal.

Finishing: Dyed wood must be finished to assure durability and water resistance. Most finishes are fully compatible with Arti dyes. Shellac, lacquer, conventional and polyurethane varnishes, Tung oil, linseed oil and Watco may be used with good results. Note that penetrating oils will darken dyed wood considerably. Water-based finishes should not be brushed on, as they may re-dissolve the dye. For best results with water-based products, apply finish by spray or first apply a sealcoat of dewaxed shellac.

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