Lie-Nielsen Open House
A chance to see behind the scenes at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
held in Warren, Maine, July 12-13, 2013

Photo tour of the show

The open house was held at the beautiful Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in Warren, Maine.

The view from the back of LN Toolworks.

Matthew Bickford was on hand to demonstrate his beautiful reproduction British molding planes.

A lineup of some of Matthew Bickford's molding planes.

Two pairs of molding planes.

Kevin Drake's turning station - he gave demos of his new turning tools.

Garrett Hack was carving the top of this beautiful table, featuring his signature inlay.

Toyohisa Sugita of Tokyo, Japan, demonstrated his innovative new vertical handsaw guide.

Mary May gave some great carving demonstrations.

She really is a master at what she does!

Dogwoods carved into mahogany by Mary May.

A beautiful grapevine carving by Mary May.

Some of Mary May's carving tools as well as the piece she was currently carving for demos.

Christian Becksvoort showed off his impressive 'teaching cabinet',
as well as offering hourly dovetail demos.

Patrick Sebrey was building a unique guitar stand during the open house.

Testing out the guitar stand to see if it works!

Several local women woodworkers were featured in the furniture show,
including Michaela Stone who built this beautiful chair.

Monica Raymond built this exquisite wall cabinet.

Virginia Blanchard built this attractive room divider.

This is Libby Schrum's unique jewelry box design. We especially liked the quilted cherry she used - it had a beautiful figure (as you can see!)

Judy Bonzi built this beautiful cabinet.

Michaela stone also built and carved this hall table, as well as the box displayed on the table.

Fourteen year old hand tool enthusiast Danny Spatz drove up from Newton, MA with his father and got to meet Tom Lie-Nielsen himself.

Curtis Turner offered demonstrations of Lie-Nielsen hand tools both days.

Robert McSwegin demonstrates the effective use of a card scraper.

Jeremy Tomlinson demonstrates the benefits of a well-tuned plane.

Tom Lie-Nielsen and Deneb Puchalski in between demonstrations.

Tom Lie-Nielsen does a different kind of demonstration - showing our visitors from Japan how to break into a freshly baked lobster!

Tom Lie-Nielsen checking out some of the bows built by craftsmen from the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, just down the road from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks.

The tool that started it all for Lie-Nielsen, the Edge Plane.

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