Article: Getting Ready for WIA!

Roy Underhill, WIA staple By Matt Vanderlist

Why is Woodworking in America the ultimate woodworking weekend? It’s simple. Over an entire weekend, attendees have the opportunity to learn from some of the predominate woodworking instructors and artisans in the field.

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Photo Album: The Classes

Videos: Class Montage Parts 1 & 2

Article: Learning from the Experts

Deneb Plane Class By Highland Staff

Woodworking in America is well-known for its fantastic classes offered by excellent instructors. Excellent instructors who you can then walk up to at the end of the class and personally ask that woodworking question that has been keeping you up at night. For most woodworkers, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Video: Don Williams on the Studley Tool Chest

Note: the audio on this video is hard to hear at times. We apologize for any difficulties you may have understanding parts of it.

Article: Graham Blackburn's Class

Graham Blackburn By Highland Staff

We attended part of British woodworking teacher Graham Blackburn's class "Five Favorite Hand Tool Appliances." Graham made a convincing case that hand tools need not be used merely freehand.

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Video: Scott Meek Woodworks

Photo Album: The Rest

Video: The Galbert Drawsharp

Video: North Carolina Woodworkers

Article: A Hands-on Show That Inspires

Woodworking in America Marketplace By Matthew York

Walking in the door to Woodworking in America, I never would have thought I could spend an hour talking about chair carving, or get lost in a conversation about wooden hand plane construction. The show really made me appreciate being a part of the wonderful woodworking community.

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Video: Arbortech Demonstration

Photo Album: The Marketplace

Video: The JDS Multi-Router

Article: The Fred West Commemorative Tool Chest

Fred West Tool Chest By Highland Staff

One item that really stood out in the Woodworking in America Marketplace was this remarkable tool chest, built by Andrew Gore and filled with tools from almost all of the small toolmakers present at WIA, as well as several toolmakers who were not in attendance.

CLICK HERE to read the incredible story behind this tool chest:

Video: The SawStop Demonstration

Article: WIA 2014 was Everything

Matt Vanderlist at WIA By Matt Vanderlist

If you ask me what my favorite part of the weekend was, you better plan on having a long conversation, because there wasn’t just one or two things, it was everything!

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Video: Microjig Gravity Heel

Article/Video: Plate 11 Workbenches

Plate 11 Split-top Roubo By Highland Staff

Plate 11 Workbenches founder Mark Hicks was on hand at the WIA Marketplace to tell us the story behind his company and how on a dare from Christopher Schwarz, Mark was inspired to start making his own workbenches.

CLICK HERE to see Mark's beautiful workbenches:

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