Making Thin Lumber and Veneer Out of Ordinary Boards
Resawing is cutting a board into two or more thinner boards. A resaw cut runs all the way through the width of a board, as opposed to ordinary rip cuts where the blade needs only to cut through the stock's thickness.

The bandsaw is the ideal tool for this job. Not only is it much safer than a circular saw for this kind of operation, its narrow kerf and vertical blade movement make it extremely efficient, wasting minimal wood and cutting easily and quickly even if you're using a fairly low-power bandsaw.

Being able to resaw lumber to any thickness opens up a whole new set of woodworking possibilities. Resawing can be easy – all you have to do is cut VERY straight lines. That said, many woodworkers find resawing to be a frustrating challenge. If this is your situation, we have some solutions for you.

First, we have condensed the keys to resawing success into 8 simple tips for you to read here and apply in your shop.

Second, we offer the missing ingredient that many people have been lacking for getting consistent resawing results. We're talking about our legendary Wood Slicer resawing bandsaw blade that cuts smoother, works faster, sounds quieter, stays sharp longer, and cuts so accurately that you can even make your own veneer.

CLICK HERE to see our free 12-minute video that will tell you why the Wood Slicer works so well, and how to set it up for perfect operation on your bandsaw.

How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade

Rikon 14" Deluxe Bandsaw

Wood Slicer Resawing Blades

Wood Slicer Resawing Blade I just received my order and I want to kick myself for not ordering sooner. I have seen your ads about your Wood Slicer band saw blades for several years but always bought local until I finally got tired of breaking blades and smoking cuts.

I installed the 1/2 inch Wood Slicer on my band saw earlier today and fell in love with my saw again. I can now "slice" through my wood like a knife through gravy. I will tell all my woodworking friends to use your blades.
— Thanks, Mike L., Forest VA
Rikon 10 inch Deluxe Bandsaw

The 10-3061 is a significantly upgraded version of Rikon's excellent 10-305 10" Bandsaw. It retains the basic design and precise cutting ability while adding numerous features. Rikon has added spring-loaded tool-less blade guides, as well as upgraded the motor, fence, blade tension mechanism, table, cutting height, frame construction, dust collection and blade speed. After we installed one of our Wood Slicer resawing blades on our demo model, we were able to resaw uniform slices 1/64" thick off the length of a 4x4. The 10-3061 is a great starter saw for a space-challenged woodworker. It's also a great second saw for the woodworker who wants to keep their main saw dedicated to large capacity operations.

Rikon 14 inch Deluxe Bandsaw

The Rikon 14" Deluxe Bandsaw 10-326 is a great choice for all kinds of woodworkers. Furnituremakers will like the large 13" resawing capacity and cutting accuracy. Woodturners will like the stability of the large table when roughing bowl blanks. Includes 1-3/4 HP 115/230 volt motor, sturdy steel frame, spring-loaded tool-less blade guides, and tilting large cast iron table with a heavy rip fence and resawing pivot guide.

Cool Blocks
Bandsaw Blade Guides

Cool Blocks eliminate friction and heat caused by metal-to-metal contact so blades run smoother, cooler and far quieter than with metal guides. They'll pay for themselves quickly by extending the life of your bandsaw blades.

New Complete Guide to the Bandsaw
BOOK: Complete Guide to Band Saws
by Mark Duginske

Mastering Your Bandsaw DVD
DVD: Mastering Your Bandsaw
by Mark Duginske
CMT Blade and Bit Cleaner
CMT Blade and Bit Cleaner

CMT's non-toxic, non-caustic blade and bit cleaner improves cutting performance by loosening even the hardest baked-on encrustations on your bandsaw and circular saw blades, router bits, shaper cutters, planer knives and other cutting tools.
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