Tool List for Character Figure Carving with Larry Stout


(#’s are Highland item numbers)

A Straight Carving knife (125035 or 126603 or 129717)

6 PC carving set 120296 or Flexcut 5 PC set 125140 –

or approximate equivalent profiles of the following:


#3 x 1/8"(3mm) gouge

#3 x 3/8"(9mm) gouge

#6 x 5/16"gouge

#9 x (1.5mm) veiner

1/4" x 70d V-gouge


other optional profiles:


#11 x 1/16"(2mm) gouge

#5 x 2.5mm gouge

#6 x 1/4"(6mm) gouge

1/8" x 70d V-gouge


(Note: New Flexcut carving tools do not require sharpening before use)