Windsor Comb Back tool list

         Drawknife - an old one is fine if it's tuned up. For a new one try the chairmakers knife from Barr tools. It comes sharp.

         Spoke Shave-tuned up

         Smoothing plane

         Scorp - Barr tools makes a good one, it's his small one.

         Bevel square

         Combination square

         Auger bits- 3/8, 7/16, ", these are bits made for a bit brace, they have a square tapered tang.  Highland Woodworking sells individual
ones by Irwin.

         Bit Brace

         Dead blow hammer- a 2 lb. is good

         Marking gauge- with a point , not a wheel. A cheap one will do.

         Shave horse- If you don't have one or just don't want to drag it to class, we have horses available for rent. If you didn't reserve one when
you registered for the class, please call and do so right away.

Optional Tools

         Hand saw

         Bench chisel

         Folding rule with extension


         Scraper-curved and card with burnisher

         Auger bit 11/16

         Travisher- The one from Elia Bizzarri is good,

         Reamer- make your own from or get one from Elia

         Coping saw or other small saw

         Bevel boss


         Large flat gouge for cutting off the tops of the legs that protrude through the seat

         Small gouge or veiner for carving gutter in seat

         Claw hammer

         Adze -Curtis likes the small one (HK01) from, or the one from Gransfors Bruks

         Cordless drill

         Quick action clamps

         Carving gouges We don't know if anyone will have time to carve knuckles and volutes but if you have tools you may want to bring them.

Curtis' recommendations are just that, recommendations. Other tools can work just fine. He will have a few extra tools to share such as drawknives, spokeshaves and scorps, and he will have a few tools for sale such as the reamer and travishers.