Windsor Chair tool list

·         Drawknife 6” or 8” - an old one is fine if it's tuned up. For a new one try the chairmakers knife from Barr tools. It comes sharp

·         Spoke Shave-you will need at least one good spoke shave (wood or metal body with a straight blade)

·         # 4 Smoothing plane

·         Scorp

·         3/8” or ½” bevel edge Bench Chisel

·         sliding bevel square

·         Combination square

·         Auger bits- 3/8, 7/16, 5/16, 5/8”

·         Bit Brace

·         Dead blow hammer- a 2 lb. is good

·         Marking gauge- with a point not a wheel a cheap one will do

·         folding extension rule – the “extension” part is critical!

·         Scraper Set – include curved and card scrapers. Bring several if you have them

·         Shave horse- If you don't have one or just don't want to drag it to class, we have horses available for rent. If you didn't reserve one when you registered for the
    class, please call and do so right away.

Optional Tools

·         Gloves – Heavy enough to protect your hands from the heat of the steam box

·         Travisher ( Elia Bizzarri at )

·         Reamer- 6° make your own from or get one from Elia

·         Coping saw with a coarse blade

·         Bevel boss

·         Protractor

·         #9 carving gouge (1/4” veiner )

·         #3 fish tail gouge

·         Claw hammer

·         Flush-cut saw

·         Hand Saw – Carpenter’s or any saw without a back

·         Scrub Plane</ li >6” Stanley drill bit extension

·         Block Plane</ li >Jack Plane

·         Adze - I like the small one from Country workshops