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Saw Set

Price : $29.99

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Saw Set

Saw Sets are used to set the teeth on western-style hand saws. Place this saw set over the tooth you're setting and squeeze the handles to bend the tooth over to the desired set. Our saw set has a solid die-cast aluminum construction. It grips blade and sets tooth in one squeeze of the lever handle.

The Coarse Saw Set is for setting teeth on hand saws with 4 to 12 points per inch.

The Fine Saw Set is for setting teeth on hand saws with 13 to 27 points per inch.

Please Note: The anvil of our saw set is graduated from 4 to 12. The numbers on the anvil DO NOT correspond to specific teeth per inch for a saw. The numbers serve only as a reference to help you know the level of set you're using. Setting 4 is approximately 25° of set. Setting 12 is nearly 0°.

The only difference between the coarse saw set and the fine saw set is the size of the striking pin.

Notice to residents of California: Please read our Proposition 65 warning.

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