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Cold Press Veneer Glue

Cold Press Veneer Glue

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Detailed Description

Cold Press Veneer Glue

Cold Press Veneer Glue is a low cost, pre-mixed alternative to two-part veneer glues. It dries rigid to minimize creep, cleans up with water and resists bleed-through even on red oak. Workability times are 10 - 12 min. of open time, 1 hour clamped and 3 - 4 hours until cured enough to move. Works fine on curved surfaces like bow front drawers and tables, but is not suitable for bent laminations like rocking chair runners. Cold press veneer glue covers approximately 70 square feet per quart - 280 square feet per gallon.

Color Options

The different colors of veneer glue are not necessarily to limit the glue visibility at the glued edge. Cold press glue usually forms a very thin glue line and is not too visible at the edges. More important is matching the color of the veneer in the case of bleed-through, mostly in the case of burls and other veneers with small holes.

  • Light – used in light woods like laurel, sycamore, ash & maple.
  • Medium – can be used in all woods, but is great for medium-tone woods like bubinga, elm, oak & lacewood.
    Due to a manufacturing problem, medium cold press veneer glue is temporarily unavailable. We have already sold out of the gallon size.
  • Dark – used in darker woods like ebony, walnut, mahogany, cherry & teak.

Additional Information

Light Cold Press Veneer Glue Material Safety Data Sheet

Medium Cold Press Veneer Glue Material Safety Data Sheet

Dark Cold Press Veneer Glue Material Safety Data Sheet

Notice to residents of California: Please read our Proposition 65 warning.

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