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Crucible Lump Hammer

Crucible Lump Hammer, 433257
Crucible Lump Hammer, 433257Crucible Lump Hammer, 433257
Crucible Lump Hammer
Highland Item # 433257

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Detailed Description

Crucible Lump Hammer

The Crucible Lump Hammer has a 2.2 lb. hardened steel head and is ideal for assembly, mortising, setting holdfasts and dozens of other chores. It has a comfortable octagonal hickory handle with a hand-waxed finish. A "lump hammer" is a British term for what Americans might call an engineers hammer or a small sledge. It can be used for a remarkable range of operations, including knocking together dovetailed carcases and drawers.

Unlike a traditional wooden mallet, the Crucible Lump Hammer is compact, requires less effort to use and packs considerable punch a great asset when you need it. Plus, unlike a wooden mallet, youll never need to replace it. For assembling dovetailed carcases and mortise-and-tenon frames, the Crucible Lump Hammer has no equal. Choke up on the handle to administer careful taps on delicate drawers. Grip the handle at its end and it can deliver a wallop that can persuade joints that have become too tight because of the glue.

It is delicate enough to be used to strike wooden-handled chisels. Because of the weight of the hammers head, mortising requires less effort. Its more about raising the hammer slightly and dropping its head on the chisel handle low and slow. It sets and releases holdfasts with one authoritative blow.

The hickory handle is shorter than what youll find on a typical sledge, making it ideal for woodworking instead of breaking up rocks. The Crucible Lump Hammer weighs 2.5 lbs. overall with a 2.2 lb. head, made of 4140 alloy steel, hardened and tempered to Rc 28-32. It is 11-1/2" long overall with a head that is 1-1/2" x 1-1/2 x 4". Striking faces are smooth-ground at a 5-1/2" radius, and finished by hand. Designed by Raney Nelson.

Made in the United States.

We do not sell Crucible tools to resellers.
We reserve the right to cancel any order we believe to be from a reseller.

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This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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