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Dovetail Saws & Carcass Saws

Dovetail, Carcass and Gent Saws are all types of backsaws, smaller than Tenon Saws, designed for specific joinery tasks. We offer a variety of these joinery saws with classic pistol grip handles or straight handles and for a range of budgets. Dovetail Saws are generally designed with rip tooth sets for cutting along the grain as when cutting dovetail pins. Carcass Saws with cross-cut sets perform other general joinery work requiring cuts across the grain. Gent saws are typically shorter and smaller, available with cross-cut or rip sets for small-scale model work and fine dovetail joinery. Hand cutting dovetails is probably the most feared and revered among joinery tasks, many convinced there's no time to master the skill. Dovetails joints can be traced back to Egyptian times, so learning to hand cut dovetails with these fine dovetail saws days should be a cinch. Watch Dovetail a Drawer (220446) with Master Cabinetmaker Frank Klausz as he demonstrates cutting dovetails by hand for speed and accuracy in a production environment. Yes, even in this modern era, pros like Frank Klausz still cut dovetails by hand with a dovetail saw!

Browse our collection of Dovetail & Carcass Saws by Bahco, Bad Axe, Crown, Lie Nielsen and Veritas.

Dovetail Saws & Carcass Saws

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Narex Dowel Plate
Narex Dowel Plate
Price: $70.00
Veritas Dovetail and Small Crosscut Saws
Veritas Dovetail & Small Crosscut Saws
Price: Starting at $97.50
Veritas Magnetic Saw Guide
Veritas Magnetic Saw Guide
Price: Starting at $35.50
Veritas Gent's Saw
Veritas Gent's Saw
Price: $71.00
Veritas Tenon Saw
Veritas Tenon Saw
Price: $156.50
Veritas Carcass Saw
Veritas Carcass Saw
Price: $102.50
David Barron Magnetic 90° Saw Guide
David Barron Magnetic Saw Guide
Price: Starting at $64.99
Dovetail Saw 456423
Japanese Dovetail Saw
Price: $52.50
Lie-Nielsen Dowel Plate
Lie-Nielsen Dowel Plate
Price: $108.00
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