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Elkhead Tools Saw Handles

Elkhead Tools Mesquite Saw Handles
Elkhead Tools Mesquite Saw HandlesElkhead Tools Medium Handle for Knew Concepts Fret Saws
Elkhead Tools Saw Handles

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Detailed Description

Elkhead Tools Saw Handles

When we first saw a Knew Concepts fretsaw in action, we knew without a doubt that it was a very fine tool. We wondered though if many woodworkers would shell out $100 for a tool they've been used to buying for $15. Now after selling over 500 of the saws, that doubt has been erased.

The only complaint we ever recall receiving was that the appearance of the handle did not live up to the beauty of the saw. Now Elkhead Tools has created a remedy for that problem in the form of these beautiful handmade mesquite handles. Just like the saws, they are not cheap, but certainly some who own a Knew Concepts saw will want to retrofit with one of these handles.

Although the medium handle for the fretsaw is considered a standard size, many woodworkers prefer the heftier grip of the large size. The handle for the coping saw comes only in the large size.

PLEASE NOTE: Knew Concepts' newer Mark 4 saws use the Coping & Fret Saw Handle. The handle for the Mark 3 saws will not fit. (Mark 4 saws have a 3/16" thick body and a glossy red finish.)

Elkhead Tool's universal fret saw replacement handle is made to fit a wide range of standard jewelers fret saws. The ferrule is milled from solid brass with 2 stainless steel set screws. The handle is custom turned and finished for a good feel in the hand and nice weight balance when sawing. The handle is about 4" long. Depending on the shape of the tang on your saw, a small bit of epoxy putty in the bottom of the drilled hole will make for a secure fit. These handles could also be used for files, rasps, a drill bit, or a tap for chasing threads. The hole is just over 1/4" in diameter, so anything with a tang in that range should fit.

Full installation instructions are included.

Type Material Fits Length Large
Fret Saw Handle
Mesquite Knew Concepts
Mark 3
Fret Saws
4-1/2" ~1-1/2" 5.2 oz.
(148 grams)
Coping Saw
Fret Saw Handle
Mesquite Knew Concepts Coping Saws &
Mark 4 Fret Saws
4-1/2" ~1-1/2" 6.1 oz.
(172 grams)
Fret Saw Handle
Mesquite Wide range of fret saws.
May require some modification of the saw or the handle.
4" ~1-1/2" 4.5 oz.
(127 grams)
Note: Titanium frame saws have a bit of variance in their thickness; slight filing of the ferrule slot may be needed for proper fit.


Additional Information

Installation Instructions for Knew Concepts Saws

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This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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