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Festool 14mm DOMINO Connector System

Festool 14mm DOMINO Connector System

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Festool 14mm DOMINO Connector System

Festool's DOMINO Connector System allows you to make quick, easy, reversible joints with your DOMINO DF 700 XL Joiner. These aren't ordinary knockdown (KD) furniture joints. DOMINO connector joints are easier to make AND more robust than standard KD joints. You can join table tops, panels and other joints any stock at least 1-3/16" (30mm) thick. Then, you can disassemble and re-assemble them later.

Each joint is milled 100% with the DOMINO DF 700 XL using a 14mm cutter(not included). If you're using the indexing pins on the DF 700, you don't even need a ruler.

The Connector System consists of nine components. Each is described below.

If you're just starting out with the Festool Domino Connector System, you may want to get the Festool DOMINO Connector Set Systainer SV-SYS. It has a complete collection of Connector fittings organized in a Systainer — everything you need to start except the Domino XL machine and the 14mm cutter.

See videos about the Festool DOMINO Connector system below.

Component Description HW # Festool # Price  
Enlarge Image
Expansion Anchor
Pack of 32

The Expansion Anchor slides into a inline mortise for a Corner Connector and locks in place when you tighten the anchor bolt. It expands into a mortise and the teeth grip the wood. Once the Expansion Anchor has been installed, it can not be removed.

723108 201349
Enlarge Image
Anchor Bolt
Pack of 32

The Anchor Bolt locks the Expansion Anchor into an inline mortise, then serves as the connection to a Cross Anchor in when making a Corner Connector

723109 201350
Enlarge Image
Cross Anchor
Pack of 32

The Cross Anchor slides into a cross mortise for either a Straight Connector or a Corner Connector. Either an Anchor Bolt or a Double Bolt provide the connection to the other side of the joint. The Cross Anchor is completely removable. When using a Cross Anchor in MDF or particle board, we recommend adding an Extension Shell for strength and stability.

723110 201351
Enlarge Image
Double Bolt
Pack of 16

The Double bolt is the heart of the Straight Connector. It makes the connection between two cross anchors - one in each workpiece. It can be used with either one or two alignment shells - depending on the application. Each Double Bolt includes four half shells to make two complete alignment shells.

723111 201352
Enlarge Image
Extension Shell
Pack of 32

Extension Shells widen the Cross Anchor to provide stability and improve pressure distribution. They are recommended for use in particle board and MDF. Includes 64 half-shells to make 32 whole shells.

723115 201498
Enlarge Image
Corner EV Set
Pack of 32

The Corner EV Set is a complete connector for joining two workpieces at a 90° angle. Each Corner EV Set includes one Anchor Bolt, one Expansion Anchor and one Cross Anchor.

723117 201827
Enlarge Image
Surface FV Set
Pack of 16

The Surface FV Set is a complete connector for joining two inline workpieces - like a panel. Each Surface FV Set includes one Double Bolt, two Cross Anchors and two Extension Shells.

723118 201828
Enlarge Image
14mm x 75mm
Connector Tenon
Pack of 104

The other components of the DOMINO Connector system hold the joints together. Each joint should have at least one Connector Tenon to alignment and strength. The Connector Tenon is like other 14mm DOMINO Tenons, but in a length specific to Connector Joints.

723116 201499
Enlarge Image
Cap - Light Brown
Pack of 32

Snap-in cap to cover the open Cross Anchor mortise after the DOMINO Connector is installed. It provides protection and a clean look. Available in Light Brown, Dark Brown & Silver.

723114 201356
Enlarge Image
Cap - Dark Brown
Pack of 32
723113 201355
Enlarge Image
Cap - Silver
Pack of 32
723112 201354

Additional Information

Festool Domino Connector Information Sheet

Product Videos

Domino 14mm Connectors Overview

Domino 14mm Corner & Flat Connectors

Due to Festool policy, Highland Woodworking cannot ship Festool products outside the U.S. Any Festool order that we ship requires a U.S. shipping address.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.

For more information, see

See Festool's Proposition 65 warning.

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