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Finishing Classes with Alan
By Alan Noel
Professional Wood Finisher

When I started teaching classes some twenty years ago it didn't take very long to realize that it wasn't going to be as easy as I thought it would be. Everyone that signed up for my classes all had different skill set levels. The participants would vary from those with no experience that were just getting started to some that already had their own woodworking businesses. Needless to say, I had to find ways to convey information over a very wide range of of experience levels that was both informative and easy to grasp while at the same time being able to keep everyone's attention and make it interesting for all.

After much thought and running things by my guys in the shop I started to organize what I wanted to convey in my classes, taking into consideration both the info and the availability of products that were on the shelves for all to use. By doing this I came up with ways, with the help from my students input, to organize my classes and the depth of information.

I always start out with a round table discussion of questions and answers so all can relax and be comfortable speaking in front of the other participants in the class. No one wants to ask the first question for fear of being naive in front of others but I have a way of getting around this fear with a little laughter and then the conversation and instruction begins with everyone asking questions along the way.

I get a real kick out of watching the "light bulbs" turn on during the discussions when the students realize they all have virtually the same successes and failures while at the same time making new friends. The camaraderie is amazing during and after the class.

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Alan can be reached directly via email c/o Alan Noel Furniture Refinishing at anoelfurniturere@bellsouth.net . You can also visit Alan's website by CLICKING HERE .

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