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Behlen Water-Based Grain Filler Finishing Tip
By Alan Noel
Professional Wood Finisher

Having been an "old schooler" for all of these years I decided to try a new water-based product on an oak vanity made of solid oak and oak plywood that was going to be used in the man cave bath. I bought the vanity at a charity store that helps out the surrounding community, so the overall quality of the vanity made it even more of a challenge.

Painting oak is not one of my favorite things to do. With its deep grain pores, especially when using a high gloss lacquer finish, if not done properly every defect in the finishing process will glare right back at you. Not being anywhere near as patient as I used to be I decided to try Behlen's Water-Based Grain Filler from Highland Woodworking.

Being water-based it dried much faster, allowing two coats to be applied in one day, just two hours apart. Application was the same as the ol' oil-based fillers: Scrub it on and then remove the excess by scraping across grain with an old credit card, followed by wiping across grain with burlap. The next day I sanded the surfaces with 220 paper with ease and the results were very pleasing.

I felt no more filler was needed so I went on to the finishing process, starting with two coats of B-I-N, a shellac based white primer that also helps fill what's left off the pores and is completely compatible with a lacquer finish. I sanded this with 320 paper and then sprayed on one coat of lacquer sanding sealer followed by a light sanding with 320 paper and then two coats of the colored lacquer. I sanded between coats with 1200 wet dry paper and water to get the trash out before the final coat.

I was very pleased needless to say. Behlen Water-Based Grain Filler performed much better than I expected and I am glad I tried something "new."

Guess you can teach that old dog after all...

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