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Timbermate Water Based Wood Filler
By Alan Noel
Professional Wood Finisher

Timbermate is a water based interior wood filler that is full of surprises and has many features and benefits that no other wood filler has. It can be used as a grain pore filler, a wood putty, a filler for larger cracks, and because it will not shrink when dry, it can even be used when thinned as a sanding sealer.

Timbermate can be tinted with any compatible colorants and intermixed to match virtually any color of the thirteen colors already available. This product will take stain after drying and is nonflammable, non-toxic, and contains no voc's.

There is no waste because this product can even be reconstituted if it dries out by simply adding water back into it; or, if it freezes, simply let it thaw out and it's ready to be used again. Another amazing trick is that Timbermate can be mixed with oil based stains to create even more colors.

I recently tried out Timbermate to fill the pores of an olive ash veneered box I'm restoring and was quite pleased with the results. After sanding the top to 320, I used the wood filler and applied two thin coats with a foam applicator, one in both directions. Next, I scraped off the access going across the grain with an old credit card and then I dug out my trusty heat gun to speed things up a bit. Later that same day I sanded the filler with 220 paper and the top was ready to finish. But of course, when I came back to my workshop the first thing I noticed was that I left the putty in the mixing cup and it was dry. No worries, just add water and stir to reconstitute the putty or just leave it till it's needed again. All you have to do is add water, so there is no waste!

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