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Flexcut 90 Degree Straight V-Gouge - 1-3/8 inch

Flexcut 90-Degree Straight V-Gouge 125172
Flexcut 90-Degree Straight V-Gouge 125172
Flexcut 90 Degree Straight V-Gouge - 1-3/8 inch
Highland Item # 125172

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Flexcut 90 Straight V-Gouge - 1-3/8"

Flexcut carving tools are modern, innovative carving tools made in Pennsylvania of high quality spring steel. First, you'll notice their handles, which are nicely sculpted and finished ash, shaped to fit your hand in a way no turned handle could ever match. Closer inspection reveals that the blades are also unique. They're thin, barely 1/16" thick and completely flat along most of their length. High-quality spring steel gives each tool a pleasant degree of flexibility, which feels both unique and totally natural to the tool. When you put these tools to work you'll notice the final but far from least distinguishing detail: they're razor sharp as delivered, and they stay that way for a long time. Carvers report they can maintain sharp edges for as long as a year between sharpenings simply by honing whenever necessary on a leather Power Strop wheel. Flexcut tools' ability to bend slightly through a cut makes carving feel remarkably different. Each tool has been carefully designed to provide just enough flex for comfort without sacrificing the stiffness needed for precise control.

Stout, comfortable 5" octagonal handles, brushed brass ferrules and 4-1/2" long blades make these Flexcut tools well suited to large or medium scale work by hand or with a mallet. They're made of hard (Rc60), fine-grained spring steel, nicely ground and polished to a sharp edge.

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