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Freud Quadra-Cut 3-1/2" Bevel Raised Panel Bit - 3/4" Stock - 1/2" Shk

Freud Quadra-Cut 3-1/2" Bevel Raised Panel Bit - 3/4" Stock - 1/2" Shk
Highland Item # 106203
For Table-Mounted Variable-Speed Routers

Price : $99.99
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Detailed Description

Freud Quadra-Cut 3-1/2" Bevel Raised Panel Bit - 3/4" Stock - 1/2" Shk

Freuds unique Quadra-Cut router bits solve one of the most annoying routing problems splintering and fuzz. Instead of the industry standard square angle two-cutter bits, Freud uses four shear angled cutters. The two main cutters have an upshear angle to remove most of the material. The second two cutters have a downshear angle for an ultra clean final cut, especially at the problematic edges and in end grain. Quadra-Cut bits leave a surface that requires no repair or sanding.

Freud # 99-522
Radius 15/64"
Small Diameter 1-1/4"
Overall Length 2-1/2"
Overall Diameter 3-1/2"
Shank Diameter 1/2"
Carbide Height 5/8"
Bearing Diameter 1/2"

Freuds Quadra-Cut Bits Feature :

  • Exclusive Freud-made TiCo Hi-Density Carbide with Titanium - designed and manufactured by Freud specifically for each cutting application to maximize cutting life and material finish in a variety of materials.
  • Tri-Metal Brazing - consisting of copper sandwiched between two layers of silver alloy to create a stronger, more impact-resistant bond between the carbide and the bit.
  • Perma-SHIELD Permanent Non-Stick Coating - reduces friction and resin adhesion while preventing corrosion for less work and cleaner cuts.
  • Computer Balancing - reduces chatter, resulting in clean, smooth profiles.
  • Multi-Axis Grinding - provides consistent relief angles on the entire cutting edge, which reduces burning and provides a flawless finish.
  • Kickback-Reducing Design - restricts the amount of material that can be fed, reducing the effects of kickback from overfeeding.

Product Warnings


This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.
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