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Highland Woodworking Gift Guide
...Some of our favorite things.

The Highland Woodworking staff share a few of their favorite items.

141601 Jet Mini Lathe
The ideal first lathe. Priced and sized just right. You can turn bowls up to 10"e; in diameter and objects up to 14"e; between centers, and it won't eat up much floor space in your shop.
025375 Wolverine Grinding Jig
Makes sharpening your turning tools a heck of a lot easier!
146607 Screw Gripper Pliers
I have three of these: one in the shop, one in my favorite job-site tool box and one as a back-up in case one gets legs.
155451 Dave's Spokeshaves
After Dave super-tuned my old Conover spokeshave, I was sold! Now I have five Dave's Shaves. No, really - five.
178251 Collins Bunny Planes
Handy little rascals for persuading uncooperative details in the millwork. Besides, none of your friends have them yet. You can decide whether or not to tell them where you got them. We hope you will.
25-869 Delta Magnetic Work Light
Since most shops have shadows and dark areas, everybody can benefit from some spot illumination.
125825 Gransfors-Bruks Competition Throwing Axe
Brings meaning and purpose to the lives of airport security staff and solves problems with pesky neighbors.
128436 High Friction Finger Wrap Tape
128272 Pair Anti-Vibration Gloves
128264 Pair Cut-Resistant Kevlar Gloves
As a sculptor I cannot stress enough how important it is to protect your hands. After having suffered vibration-induced paralysis to my right hand, I am now diligent about hand safety and wear a combo of either anti-vibration gloves and Kevlar gloves for power chisel use, or high friction finger wrap tape and anti-vibration gloves for rotary tool use.
124041 K3 Kreg Jig Master System
If creating Chip-n-Dale style furniture is not part of your repertoire, try building with the Kreg jig. An uncomplicated way to create that custom corner cabinet using only basic shop tools. Frames, carcasses & doors with the Kreg Jig - you can do it!
Plane Irons by Ron Hock
Absolutely the best! Because of the high quality alloys used, these blades will take a sharper edge than most other blades. Will make even inexpensive planes perform better.
Woodworking Classes
These are a great way to improve your skill set and to expand your knowledge of woodworking. If you are not sure you'll like a certain type of woodworking, come to Atlanta and take a class to check it out.
Shop Smock
The shop smock is a delight to wear. My wife likes it because it cuts down on the amount of wood debris I bring into the house.
221516Woodturning: A Foundation Courseby Keith Rowley
Concise info that doesn't overload the beginner with advanced techniques.
076501 Beadlock Complete Kit
A foolproof way of joining two pieces of wood together - creates a floating tenon joint using a hand drill as the only power tool.
056423 Dozuki Dovetail Saw
Fine, fast, accurate cuts for hand joinery. With the cutting action on the pull stroke, the saw has a natural, balanced action.
116401 Leather Shop Apron
More luxurious than your favorite bathrobe! Feel at home no matter where the workshop is located.
203621Understanding Wood Finishingby Bob Flexner
Everything you wanted to know about finishing but were afraid to ask! In-depth coverage with color photos.
Frame Saws with Turbo Cut Blades
The refined, classic lines of a European frame saw with a super-charged blade. They cut as sweet as they look!
Microplane Stainless Steel Sanding
Fast cutting and long lasting. High octane cutting when you need it.
061526 Starrett Double Squares
Accurate tools for accurate work. Easily carried in your shop apron.
055201 Tite-Mark Marking Gauge
Balanced and beautiful. Scores a clean, crisp line every time.
056001 Forrest Woodworker II Table Saw Blade
The one that everyone tries to copy. Absolutely the best!
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